Tales from the Trailer Park

Welcome to this new series I'm writing.  This series will be full of stories from my childhood.

So are you wondering why in the hell am I writing this?  Why would you want to read about a nobody blogger?   I want to be able to remember my life, because my memory sucks more than a hooker working for a Whopper sandwich.  I want my children to know what my life was like. (When they are old enough to read this)   I think some of these stories are hilarious!  Well, at least the way I will tell them.

Every Tuesday I will add a new story to this series.  I suggest you start at the beginning, I just don't want you to get lost.

Here's a little background first....

My name is Ellen, my Mom told me that she gave me that name because her mom told her that if you have a girl one day name her Ellen.  Gee, thanks dead grandma I never met, for the curse of giving a baby an old lady name.  In my opinion never ask an old lady what you should name your newborn.

My parents were older when they had me.  Mom was 39 and Dad was 54 when I was born. Yep, I told you old!  They were each married before, so this was their second time around at married life.

I was born in New Jersey, I’m not quite sure what city we lived in because I never really listened to my Mom when she used to reminisce.

We moved to Florida right after I turned one.  My parents picked out a house well, it was actually a trailer.  Now a day’s they call them mobile homes.  This was not a mobile home.  This was a trailer, it had aluminum shell.  Every house on our street was also a trailer, I would consider that a trailer park.

Oh, and the other girl I talk about in my stories is my younger sister Shawn.

Chapter 1: Treasures Under the Vanity

Chapter 2: Ghost busting

Chapter 3: Jesus or a Peanut Picker?

Chapter 4: Trailer Park Psychic

Chapter 5: You little Asshole

Chapter 6: Dear ole' Dad

Chapter 7: Meet me at the sink hole

Chapter 8: Pay back is hell

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