Monday, February 25, 2013

Liebster Award Winner!!

Holy crapoley.. I won another award!  Thank you to Jacquelyn over at "The Non-Martha Momma."
If you haven't checked out her blog yet.. what are you waiting for click the link above.  OH WAIT.. read my shit below first. 
Seriously, I love her blog she is a great writer and I really enjoy reading about her life and the spin she puts on it. 

So this is the 3rd time I've won this award, I love it cause it's pink and pretty!  
I'm supposed to answer questions that Jacquelyn made up for me.  Then, I have to nominate 11 other bloggers who have less than 200 followers and make up questions for them to answer. 

So.. here are my answers to "The Non-Martha Momma's" questions....

Last movie you saw in the theater? Did you like it? 

I don't go to the movie's often, so the last movie I saw was Breaking Dawn 2. YES. I loved it!

When and why did you start blogging?
I started blogging in April 2012.  I started because basically, I was bored. Stuck at home with a toddler and no car. I've always loved to write and I felt like I had something to say. 

Do you have any pets, how  many, what type, their names?
Me and my family moved from my hometown a few months ago, I brought my Chihuahua Joey with us of course. The first day we were here, he wondered off I freaked the hell out. (I found him not far from home) A couple weeks went by and he just moped around, not playing barely eating.  My best friend's husband came to visit us and go fishing, I asked if he could take Joey back with them and of course he said yes.  They are dog lovers, and I felt so bad for my little old dog who by the way was 12 years old.  When he got back to our old town he was ecstatic!!  My friend called me a couple weeks ago to tell me that they can't find Joey. They live on 4 acres all fenced, so he didn't get out. We think because he was only 5 pounds, that a big bird may have come and swooped him up.  So in my heart I do feel like my little Joey is no longer with us. (Sorry, so long)

Favorite type of food?
I love Italian food.. or anything you can put Alfredo sauce on!!

Book you are reading right now or most recent book read?
I just finished "Take this Regret" by A.L Jackson.  I am starting "Red Flags" by C.C. Brown. 

Year you graduated high school?
1993.. I was supposed to graduate in 92 but me and a friend decided to bring alcohol to school in my sophomore year and we got suspended and I failed that grade.

What kind of car do you drive?

Do you believe in ghosts/spirits?
Oh hell yes!  I've never seen one, but I've felt presence and I dream about people who I love who have passed away.  I truly believe that is their spirit coming to tell me something. 

Oreos:  Do you like the cookie better or the cream? Do you dunk in milk?
I will only eat the Golden Oreos, I like the whole cookie.  Milk? ICK!!! Nope not a fan of milk.

Favorite subject in high school?  Least favorite subject in high school?
Favorite was English, least favorite was Math!

If you were a crayon which color would you be and why?
I don't really have a favorite color, but I think I would want to be blue.  It's a soothing color to me. 

Okay, here are the bloggers that I've decided to pass this award off to.

Laney's Blog Night Owl Venting

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Your Daily Dose of Damn

Bjurstrom Family Happenings

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Sassy and Sarcastic

I know that I nominated a couple of you for the Inspiring Award over the weekend.. So here's another one, just cause I love ya so much.  :)

Now, here are the questions I have chosen for you to answer.. I must warn you, I don't normally ask the typical questions, If you feel like you can't answer a question, just type "Pass."  Just remember, it's all for fun.

1.    How do you feel about PDA (Public Display of Affection)?

2.    Have you ever dumped someone on a holiday?

3.    Have you ever locked yourself in another room to eat a snack you didn't want share with your kids?

4.    Do you know what a Shart is?  Have you ever done it?

5.    Do you embarrass easily?

6.    Do you laugh when someone falls down?

7.    If you could change something about yourself what would it be?

8.    Do you pee in the shower?

9.    Have you ever read someone's text messages on their phone without them knowing?

10.   What is your guilty pleasure?

11.   Do you hate answering these stupid ass questions?

Okay, there's my questions, now you just have to pick your favorite bloggers and make up your own questions.  Please leave a comment here letting me know that you've accepted this award.

Thanks again Jacquelyn, you are the best!! xoxo

Thanks for reading and playing.


  1. Congratulations! You're on a roll now!!!

  2. You're experiencing a wealth of riches when it comes to these awards. Congratulations.

  3. You are super awesome so of course you deserve all of this recognition! And thank you for thinking of me! <3

  4. Woo hoo! Thanks for the 2nd award in 2 days. Of course we'll play. . . .


  5. Wow! I'm really one of the cool kids now! Thanks you so much for thinking of me :) :) And congrats to you, you deserve it!

    1. You're so funny! It's very much deserved. Let me know when it's up on your blog, wanna see how you answer my questions.

  6. hey. i'm commented back at you on the comment you left me. yea I guess I have too much of my dad's mom in me. She speaks her mind and so does my dad and my hole family really. and I see no sense in sugar coating things. but I also have found how now a days friends get married they turn into someone they use not be and make fb status' addressed to you they just dont put your name on them and have to copy things you say such as sugar coat. and make fun of ya b/c I dont have kids or have had any that they think i have no say so in things that go on and shit. screw em. I hate having friends who only pretend to be friends and only want something in return

  7. Aw, you have a chihuaha (can't spell it to save my life)! My boys love them. We have 3 pugs, though. We've got our fair share of dogs! I started in March of 2012 so our blogs are almost the same age. They can have play dates. lol

    1. I can't spell it either.. I had to Google it to make sure I spelled it right... about our blogs having play dates.. we can try, but I must warn you my blog is a bitch, takes a special other blog mate to understand her. LOL.. Thanks for stopping by. Love your blog too.

  8. Poor Joey! :(

    Thanks for thinking of me again. Yeah, sure, I'm game. I'll have something to share in a couple of days. These are always fun.


  9. Your sarcasm and sense of humor makes me smile :) Great answers, but I am so sorry about the dog, that's sad :(

  10. Congrats on your award! Way to go! :) Visiting you from Blogging Addicts Group.

  11. CONGRATS on winning the Leibster Award!! You have an awesome blog! :)

  12. Visiting from the Blogging Addicts Group. Congrats on your award!! While I loved your answers (Breaking Dawn 2 on DVD this weekend - holla!), I loved the questions you asked even more.

    Keep up the great work!!

    Penny at Green Moms and Kids

    1. Penny, I saw the trailer last night on T.V advertising the DVD.. super freaking excited!! I've already seen it in the theater- only once tho! Thanks for stopping by


  13. Hi from blogging addicts!
    You rebel you! Bringing alcohol to school!
    Congrats on your award!
    For some reason I wasn't following, but am now via GFC. I don't see you on my followers list, would you mind?

  14. Brought it . . . hope you like it. :)

  15. Thank you so much. Sorry for the delay, I'm sure you heard my router broke. Mine will be published Tuesday.

    Also, I believe in ghosts, too!!

  16. Liebstah for you! Yay! I'm just starting to read your blog but I certainly think you deserve it. :-D Not to mention you have very cool taste in blogs-we like a lot of the same ones!

  17. Oh see now! If I had have actually opened my freakin eyes, I would have seen the giant, pink, blinging Liebster button saying you had been nominated 3 times already.

    Oh well, due to my obvious blindness, the 4th nomination, you can let go straight to your head if you want (I would) I'd have those pink buttons everywhere! Earrings perhaps? Coffee cups? Bill boards alllll over town, tattoos on my feet? ;) Yup!

  18. Hey! Got your email but there's no way for me to send you a Facebook message. Our Facebook page is Sistercasm and we'd love to be a part of the blogging circle.

    Sis 1

  19. I got my forehead lines from doing mask work. I was doing Shakespeare's Comedy of Errors in mask and the director kept saying "Open your eyes!! Open your eyes!!!" on account of the fact that my eyes disappear when I smile. So for years and years and years I would raise my eyebrows when I smiled so that my eyes would be more open. It gave me the fakest smile in the world and I now have forehead lines that you could use as an etching block for Old Woman forehead.


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