Monday, April 7, 2014

Holy! What happened to my "perfect" child!?

When your child is born, whether it's your 1st or 6th, you can overlook all the slimy business covering the tiny little body.  You take inventory, ten toes, ten fingers, one nose and either a wee-wee or a hoo-ha, hopefully not both.  eeek!!

You've given birth to a "perfect" baby!

The first few years go by like a flash and you look at the child and smile, so grateful you have a perfect little being.

Everyone thinks they have the most perfect child, they are so innocent how could anything on him or her be nothing but pure perfection!

I remember when my daughter was around two or three years old, and she scratched her cheek and after it healed, I noticed that it left a scar.  I literally cried because my sweet baby girl will have a scar on her perfect cheek forever.  (It ended up not scaring or she grew out of it. Who the hell knows.)

I've just recently noticed neither one of them are perfect, I'm not talking about their language or their attitudes.  I'm talking about something about them physically that makes them not so perfect.

I was staring at my daughter the other day and realized that her nostril holes are 2 different shapes.
Is that freaking weird or what?!

Maybe not so weird, I've never really stared at other peoples nostril holes before.  I can tell you what, I'm gonna start now!

My son, oh that poor kid.  He has the worst set of eyebrows I've ever seen on a child.  They are seriously out of control!  He likes to mess them up and say, "Look at me mama, I'm mad!"
You think the kids in kindergarten will notice if their new classmate has skinny eyebrows?  Hmm, probably.  Hopefully he will grow into those suckers.

Now, that I've revealed that my "perfect children" are not so physically perfect as I thought, I love them no matter if Andrew had a uni-brow or Emilie had one big nostril hole.

Thank god she doesn't though, that would be freaking scary as hell.

When did you realize that your children weren't as perfect as you thought they were?  Or are your eyes still clouded by just being able to produce other human beings?  If so, don't worry you'll see them soon.

Thanks for reading