Sunday, November 25, 2012

A Fresh Start...

It has been quite a Thanksgiving weekend for me and my family.

We normally go to Chris' mom's house for Thanksgiving every year.  Although, this year since we moved two and a half hours south we decided to stay here for Thanksgiving.  I was kind of sad to know we wouldn't be seeing our family for the holiday.  We did something out of the ordinary for us though.

Since we are new to this area, we decided to do a little sight seeing.  We went to a few different places, which all included being close to the water.  We visited a place downtown where you can see manatees, we spotted one manatee and one dolphin.   I don't think I will ever get used to seeing dolphins so often.  I squeal like a little girl every time I see one.

Then we went to Port Canaveral, we saw a huge Carnival cruise ship loading people for their trip.  I was in awe of the size and quite jealous that we weren't on it.  Would love to spend next Thanksgiving on a cruise.
We then visited a place close to that called Jetty Park.  Chris fished and me and the kids played on the playground and of course walked on the beach for a bit.

Our plan was to go to either Golden Corral or Cracker Barrel for our Thanksgiving dinner.
When we drove past both places, the lines were out the door.  So we decided that we really didn't want to spend half the day on line.  We let the kids pick where we would eat.  McDonald's was our Thanksgiving dinner.  I really didn't mind, my belly got full and my family was happy. I really liked that we did something non-traditional this year.

The next day, Friday, we moved.  We had been living with my friend Kyley since we moved here almost three months ago.  Long story, shit happens.
Long story short... we moved into a little two bedroom apartment.  I haven't lived in an apartment since Emilie was 2 months old.  I liked the idea of not having to take care of a yard and the electric bill has to be lower in a smaller place.  Of course, I would have loved a three bedroom but you do what you have to do.

Friday we moved all damn day!  Today is Sunday and I unpacked the last box this morning.

We are basically starting all over again, we do have furniture.  Well, Chris and I don't have a bed, so we took out the mattress from our couch (it pulls out into a bed).  Now, you can't really sit on the couch I guess the folded up mattress kind of serves a purpose. UGH!
We don't have a microwave either, do you realize what a pain in the ass it is not to have a microwave?  I never did till today.  We don't have a washer/dryer either, time to visit the laundry mat again.  Oh well, we will live.  I'm so happy that we finally have our own place, somewhere to call home.

Thanks for reading.

Pics below of our Thanksgiving Day....

The cruise I wished I were on.

Drew on the playground at Jetty Park
Chris fishing @ Jetty Park
Walking down to the beach
The beach
Jetty Park
The kids watching Daddy fish (it was freaking windy)
Happy Thanksgiving!