Thursday, May 15, 2014

Is it false advertisement or just part of the 'game'?

Ahh..relationships.  Can you remember the beginning of your relationship?  All you had to do is think about the other person and that alone would put a corny smile on your face.  The butterflies fluttering around in your core are the best.  

People say they don't play games when they start a relationship, this is me take or leave it.  I used to think that too.  It's been twelve years since I met my mate and when I think back on how I acted or thought, I was playing the game! 

He always says to me, "You've changed since we first started dating."
Well, no shit!  First of all I was in my 20's with NO kids and no responsibility.  My biggest concern was what I was going to wear on Friday night to go clubbing. 
But, his biggest complaint is, that he says I liked to.. hmm, how do I say this without grossing all of you out?  Play the skin flute. I finally came clean and told him that I really don't like to do that, but I told him that I loved it.  Why?  Cause that's what guys want to hear!

I wasn't the only one who pretended to be someone I wasn't.  Chris was playing a crazy game of his own. 

We had been dating for a month or so, and I had spent the night and I had to take a shower the next day. He said, "let me clean up in there before you do."
Seriously, 45 freaking minutes later he was done.  The bathroom and shower looked spotless.  I had to wonder what it looked like before.  Ick!!

Well, now I know.  This man doesn't clean shit.  He's damn lucky I love to clean.

There are many things that happen in the first year of a relationship that seem to die off over time.
Holding hands, he used to love to hold my hand. Now, if I reach for his hand he looks at me like I'm handing him a grenade. 

Do you remember the long talks every night?  Long talks I really don't expect anymore. We live together, we know damn near everything about each other.  It's the small talk that gets me. 
I usually don't make small talk.  What I do is, if we are going out to eat I save up a few things I think may interest him and I tell him during our meal.  I do this so we don't look like one of those couples who sit there in silence while watching all the other couples around us in deep conversation.  
What did you or your spouse do or not do in the beginning?  
Give me all those juicy details.  

Thanks for reading.