Saturday, November 2, 2013

It's called common courtesy

I will be the first to admit I have a lot of bad qualities...

I'm selfish, I hate sharing my favorite candy, snack with the kids.  So yes, I will go in my room and watch T.V and hide it under the covers. No biggie.

I may read too much, but it's just my way to relax.

Chris bitches that I like to wear headphones blaring Adam Levine while I clean or write.  Sometimes I just don't want to hear him or the kids.  What he doesn't know is that sometimes I have the headphones in but, the music is off.  For some reason I like to pretend I have music on and I can't hear anyone.  But, it doesn't stop the kids from asking me questions while I pretend to dance.  Chris yells, "Stop talking to Mommy she can't hear you!"   Haha

But, one good quality I do have is... Common Courtesy

One of the kids projectile vomited spaghetti all over the bedroom, I will suck it up and take the kid and clean him up while Chris cleans the mess in the bedroom.  I do this because I know it just breaks his heart to hear our little man crying because he's sick.  Just common courtesy I think.

Our brand new baby boy is finally home from the hospital Chris is sitting in bed cooing to the baby who barely opens his eyes. Chris was never one to offer to change a diaper, especially a newborn and their disgusting runny shit.  Somehow, I talked him into changing Andrew, it was probably his first time changing Andrew.  He put Andrew between his legs and took off his diaper.  "Hmm, weird he didn't poop."  Chris looked up to me for guidance.  Right when he said that Andrew decided to christen his daddy and projectile shit all over the front of him.  Emilie and I got up from the bed and ran.
"Where the hell are you going?"  Chris yelled without opening his mouth all the way afraid poop would get into his mouth.  Of course I ran to get something to clean Chris up with.  Yea, that's what I was doing.  More common courtesy of course.

I only have one example of common courtesy when it comes to critters.
It was around the early 2000's and I worked for a beer distributor.  My friend Debie and I were walking to go to lunch or something.  We had to walk down a sidewalk between 2 buildings.  Chatting away, like we always did.  I noticed a few feet in front of us that there was a freaking huge snake on the very same sidewalk we were walking on.  I'm serious guys, this looked just like the snake from Anaconda!!!
This is exactly how I remember it,  "Holy Shit!"  I screamed to Debie.  My hero instinct must have kicked in and I yelled  "Watch out Debie!" While I pushed her out of the way of the biggest snake I've ever seen.  I ran back the way we came and leaped inside the building.  Once inside and safe I looked behind me and Debie wasn't there, so I looked out the window and noticed Debie outside still.  But, she was even closer to where the snake was.  She must not have been scared and decided to take a closer look at the nasty creature.  Although, if you ask Debie she will tell the story different.  But, I know what happened, and I was only trying to help her out.  It's only common courtesy to save a friend from an anaconda right??

Who likes having sex when you haven't taken a shower in 8+ hours?  Not me!  I need to feel clean and fresh.  So, why would someone be offended if you asked them to shower before doing the deed?  Who knows!!

Sex and other things that go on in someone's bed is very intimate and raw.  Oral sex ix one example.  I certainly wouldn't be mad if I were a guy and set up camp down there and then my girl asked me not to be down there.  I would ask why and be very, very thankful when she told me that she needed to fart.  Hell yeah, that has got to be the number one example of common courtesy!!!

Just like me being selfish with my Cheetos, other people don't consider common courtesy very important.  Not me though, as you can see from just a few of those examples I'm always looking out for others.

Thanks for reading,