Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Holy crap, I am thankful for stuff....

I see on many blogs and on Facebook people giving thanks each day for something different.  I didn't join this bandwagon only because, I didn't want to be committed to doing this task everyday.
I thought I would just do it once and be done with it.

If you would have asked me two weeks ago what I was thankful for, my list would have been much shorter and my tone would be very angry.  Lucky for me and my readers that I'm in a better place (mentally) now.

So here goes my list of what I'm thankful for right now in my life.

1.  Two beautiful, healthy children that I adore.  I sit back sometimes and just look at them and I think how much of a difference these 2 little people make in my life.

2.  My man,  I'm thankful that I have a man in my life who I know one day (hopefully soon) will actually become the man I know is hiding deep down in him.  Every once in a while I see a glimpse of that man, and it makes me smile.  He works very hard for his family and we love him very much.

3.  My sister.  When I actually think about her and what she means to me it brings tears to my eyes.  A year ago I wouldn't have had this reaction.  But, since our parents are passed and I realize my Mom was right when she used to yell at us to be nice to each other.  We will only have each other when they are gone.
Wow, she was right.  When I think of Shawn (my sis) I remember what it was like to grow up with her.  She is always fun and we had a great childhood.  I'm thankful to have her in my life and I will always cherish our relationship.  Because, just like Mom said, we do only have each other.

4.  My nieces, Marissa and Hannah.  Damn I fell in love with those two as soon as I seen their faces.  They are the most amazing girls.  I'm so thankful that my children have two wonderful cousins to share a life with.

5.  My friends, I have the most amazing friends.  When I lost my best friend over a decade ago, I really didn't think any one would replace that friendship.  Well, these new friends don't replace Debby but, they sure do come close.  Amber, I love laughing with you about anything and everything.  Shirley, you keep my head on straight and tell me how it is.

6.  I have one more friend I would like to acknowledge who does belong in the list above, but she also deserves her own paragraph.  Kyley, I can't thank you and Andrew enough for opening up your home for what was only supposed to be a month at the most.  Almost three months later and we are at our final days here in your home.  You will never know how much your friendship and kindness these last three months have meant to me.  You and your man are truly life savers!  Love to you both.

7.  My Mother In-Law.. Colleen.  She has opened my eyes to who has been with me this whole time.   God.  I've always believed in God and Heaven. She and I talk a lot about religion and the word of God. I am thankful that I have someone in my life who helped my find my faith again.  I really enjoy learning and talking to her.

8.  Finally, I'm thankful for me.  Yeah you read right.. why not?  I am thankful that I try every single day to be the best mom, spouse and person I can possibly be.  I am thankful for my funny personality, the ability to act like a silly mom who makes my children laugh.  I'm thankful, that I'm the person I am.

There are of course many other things and people I'm thankful for. I didn't want my list to be too long. Since, I'm currently watching like 5 kids and 2 of them are ready for a nap.

Thanks for reading

Monday, November 19, 2012

Black Friday

There are two words that make my body shiver.. no the two words aren't multiple orgasms. Well those words do make my body shiver but a different kind of shiver, and give me a big smile
BLACK FRIDAY does not give me a big smile!
I stay far, far away from any stores when that dreaded day comes around every year.
I'm not the kind of person who likes to shop anyway.  When I have to go shopping I have money and I know exactly what I want/need and get the hell out of there.

I tagged along with a friend last year to Walmart and couple of other stores for Black Friday.
From the moment I walked in I was in awe.  I couldn't believe there were so many people there.  
There were pallets and pallets of items and there were crowds of people standing next to those specific pallets waiting for them to get unwrapped.  

I was baffled that these people had been standing in the same spot for who knows how long waiting for that item.  And, they couldn't get the item until a certain time. 

Me and my friend got separated. I was NOT happy.. all of a sudden a freaking bull horn or some sort of siren went off and then terror spread across my face.  I seriously found a small place to hide from the madness.  The shrink wrap was ripped off the pallets and people started screaming.  I really thought something was wrong.. I thought, oh  my god, there must be a bomb in the store, why would these people be screaming.  I stuck my head out of my hiding place and realized these crazy ass people are screaming and fighting of towels!!! REALLY! TOWELS!

I finally found my friend.. I was horrified. "Amber, what the fuck is wrong with these people?" 
She laughed.. I could see in her eyes. Oh my god, she is one of these people.

That was the first and last time I have ever attended any Black Friday anything.

So, this year I'm in a new town.. and my friend is begging me to go with her. 
Yep, my answer.. "NOPE, NO THANKS, HELL NO AND HAVE FUN!!"

I'm not even going to look at one Black Friday Ad, I don't want to know what kind of "deals" I will be missing while I'm snuggled in my bed.  
AND SAVED $5.00.

So to all the Black Friday shoppers who plan to join the madness this year.. 
Have fun, I wish you all the best deals!

Thanks for reading