Tuesday, May 29, 2012


What rain means to me.
First I believe it brings out my inner peace, it makes me feel relaxed.
 The rain gives me permission to relax my mind and my body.

The rain also waters my vegetable garden, so I don't have to stand out in the Florida heat sweating my ass off to do it.
 So thank you for that!
Not me reading..
 I don't allow any photography
 while I'm relaxing.

It's allows me to lay in my bed and read a great book.

The rain is like a new start, a clean slate.
Like how you feel after you take a shower from standing in the blasted heat watering your garden.
A fresh clean feeling.

It helps me think and clear my head.
That is what I feel when it's raining.

Unless I have to go out while it's raining...
Then void everything I said before, now I'm wet and pissed!!

Thanks for reading my blog