Sunday, August 19, 2012

Emilie's shopping trip

Today Emilie and her Dad went to Walmart so she can spend her $7 she earned and saved.

I decided to send Chris to the store with her because he loves to shop himself.

They were gone for about 2 hours.  When they finally returned home, I got a recap of their shopping trip.

Chris:  Ellen, you're going shopping with her next time.
Me:      He He, what happened?
Chris:  She took FOREVER to decide what she wanted.
Me:      That's why I thought it was a great idea that she went with you.

Emilie came bouncing in the house in the greatest mood I've seen her in a long time.

She then shows me what she bought with her own money.

Blue pens for school (that we just found out that she needed. She wanted to buy them herself.)
Poster of "Shake it Up" (her favorite show)
Pink sports bottle cup for herself 
Blue sports bottle cup for her brother

I love that she thinks of her brother.  And, he was super excited that Sissy bought him a present.

She may act like a turd most of the time, but she is very sweet deep down.

Chris also, had to buy some groceries while they were at the store.  Emilie wanted a cucumber, Chris agreed and put into the cart.  Emilie asked him if she could buy it with her own money so she didn't have to share it.
Yah, that was a big fat NO from Daddy.. ha ha.

All in all, I'm happy Emilie got to spend some quality time with her Dad.  But even more, I'm glad I didn't have to go and walk around Walmart for 2 hours until she finally made a decision.

Thanks for reading