Friday, October 18, 2013

Why I'm not scared to die

In my short 39 years I've lost a few people that I love dearly.  My Mom died 2 years ago yesterday (Oct. 17th)  After she died I felt like an orphan.  My Dad died in 1998 and that hit me hard but I had to pull it together for my Mom, she wasn't prepared to deal with funeral stuff.  I think being busy helped.  When my mom died, even though it may not have shown on my face, I was devastated.  It reminded me that our time here on Earth is limited and we all die!!  The thought of dying never bothered me until I had children.

What's the point to my depressing babble about death?

I watch The Long Island Medium every week and at first I was skeptical of her gift, but time after time she proves that she is the real deal.   When I found out that she wrote a book, I paid that $11.00 and read it in less than 48 hours.  I read it mostly because supernatural and what happens after we die has always interested me .  I had many questions that she was able to answer for me in her book.

The first one was, when someone commits suicide do they go to hell?
I grew up Catholic and I was taught that the soul does indeed go to hell.  I never really thought about it until my best friend took her own life.  There is no way in HELL that her beautiful soul could be in such a horrible place.

Another question I had was, do our souls reincarnate?  I always believed in my heart that we do.  Why?
Well, why would we only get one chance on earth?  Heaven would totally be so over crowded!!  Not a fan of crowds.

Ever since my friend Debby died, I would have vivid dreams about her.  Was my subconscious just thinking about her, or was she really visiting me?  Maybe, about a month after my mom died, I had the most amazing dream.  I'm not the kind of person who remembers their dreams for very long.  But this "dream" is still so vivid in my mind.  When my mom passed away she was confined to a wheelchair and also was burdened with a colostomy bag.   My "dream" started with me walking into a white room, and I looked to the left and my Dad was sitting at a table with the newspaper in front of him.  He looked up and smiled at me.  I looked slightly to the right and my mom was sitting in a rocking/recliner type chair.  Her hair was short and curly like it used to be when I was younger.  She looked at me with her brilliant blue eyes and she did 2 things.  She lifted up her shirt slightly to show me that she was bag free and then she moved her legs to show me that she didn't need a wheelchair anymore.  And, that was it.  I believe I needed to see her to make sure she was okay on the other side.  I believe she brought my father along or visa versa to let me know they are together.  What's funny is, I haven't ever had a dream about my dad before.  That was the first time I saw him since he died.  After reading this book, I truly believe they were NOT dreams, but my loved one were coming to me when I needed them in way or another.

When ever I've dreamt about my mom or Debby neither one has ever talked to me. I can like hear their thoughts.  I don't hear their voices.  I always wondered what that meant.  In the book she talked about how spirits communicate without speaking.  It gave me some serious goose bumps.

After reading this book, it made me feel so much better about the whole dying thing.  Don't get me wrong, I don't want to die when my children are young, but I think it made me feel less nervous about the unknown.

She also talked about, when our souls are with God we choose our next life.  What we will look like, what we are supposed to learn from that life even down to when and how we will die.  Amazing!

I'm thinking that I chose my body because I must have been a world famous model in my last life and I hated all the attention I used to get.   That's got to be it!!  :)

Those are just a few little things she talks about, I suggest that you read it.  Open your mind and just see where it takes you!

If you click on the link below, it will bring you to the Amazon site.

Thanks for reading,