Monday, August 13, 2012

Artsy Fartsy

Sometimes, I can be quite crafty.. I will think of ideas on how to reuse things.

I had an idea to reuse my citronella candle holders that I had bought at Walmart a few months back.

After burning all 4 candles, I cleaned out the extra wax and punched holes in the bottom for drainage.

I then planted flowers/plants in each one and hung from my deck with fishing line and nails

Check it out!!

I had forgotten to put on the "Real Me" list I posted earlier this week, that I like to try to garden.
And, I've recently learned how to use a sewing machine.  Me and my friend Kyley made a quilt for my son Andrew.

Most of the fabric used for this quilt are his old receiving blankets.  Pretty huh?  It fits his toddler bed perfect too.

I don't know if you want to call it artsy or crafty.. but I chose artsy for the title cause I really wanted to put the word fart in there somewhere.  That's my inner child coming out..

Since I've become a stay at home mom, I've found myself quite bored.  Not only do I try to sew and garden, I also coupon.  Me and a couple friends even tried to start a business teaching people how to coupon and we made and sold our own coupon binders.  It didn't work out very well for 2 reasons, one of the three of us moved out of the area and second, it took up too much of our time.  We didn't get to coupon shop very much ourselves. I stopped couponing for about a year and depleted my whole stock pile. Now, that I actually have to buy laundry soap, shampoo, razors and tons of other things I didn't have to buy for over a year, I started couponing again.  Nothing better than saving money, actually yes there is.  It feels amazing walking out of the store paying pennies for something that cost a few dollars!!!

This used to be my stock pile of laundry soap!

These were all FREE.. didn't pay one red cent!

Finally, this is what I got from combining store coupons with manufactuer coupons
My total for all of these were $2.17!

Okay done bragging about my saving skills..

Thanks for reading