Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Are all SAHM's so involved? Or should I call it obsessed?

I wonder if all stay at home mom's go through what I've been through the last 4 years.

I'm not talking about shitty diapers, kids who embarrass you at the grocery store when a little person walks by or feeling like you never get a freaking minute alone.

I'm not sure if I would define it as boredom or just finding yourself while watching Kelly & Michael. (man, I miss Regis!)

I have worked outside the home since I was 16 years old, and then I decided at 35 when my son was born I wanted to stay home with him.  Once the first 6 months or so went by and I wasn't so sleep deprived that I could actually think about my life and what the hell I'm doing with it, is when it all started.

Below is the list of all the things that I've either obsessed over or I was just so damn bored I thought I would try it out.

The first thing was reading, I started with the Twilight Series and I couldn't believe that my mom was right all these years and reading is awesome.  I think I never did it before because I was busy with work and my sweet party life I never thought I needed to escape.  This is something I never stopped doing, I still read every single night before I go to sleep.

Next, was extreme couponing.  Holy shit on a stick, I really dove into that one.  I actually dove into a dumpster once looking for coupons. I saved a shit load of money and I really felt like I helped contribute something to the family.  For some reason, I got too lazy to get out on Sunday's and buy the damn newspapers.  Me and 2 other friends of mine, actually taught classes and sold coupon binders at one point.
I decided to start couponing again, not as "extreme" as before but, I feel like I need to help save money, instead of spending it.

Hmm, what's next?  Oh that's about the time we moved out into the country and I was stuck 10 miles from town with no car cause the asshole broke down.  I started gardening.  That was fun, but it would cost money that I didn't want to spend because plants aren't free and I found out the hard way I couldn't grow shit from a seed.
That is about the time I started my blog and getting good book ideas.
Also, I dabbled a little in sewing, didn't do to well but at least I figured out how to use a sewing machine. I made 2 quilts and a shit load of pillows.

We moved from the country to a whole other county 3 hours south from where I grew up.

That's where I found my newest obsession;  Goodwill!  Ahhhhh..

There are more Goodwill's in this town then I've ever seen!  I visit the closest 2 at least once a week.  I usually go right back to the house ware crap and look for something I can paint.

I can't even tell you how many shelves I've bought from there that I've re-done and I have no where to put them because we live in a tiny ass apartment.

Shit, since I'm painting shelves I might as well try to paint on a canvas too.  I really find it therapeutic.

Now, the newest thing I'm trying is working out.

I don't post many pics of me on my blog or FB because I just don't like pics of me, but I've always been really skinny and never had to diet.  But, since I've had 2 kids.. one 10 pounder and one 8 pounder, do you know what that does to a skinny body?  Let's just say my kids like to play with the extra skin on my belly more than play doh!

But, what I really want is my butt a little higher than it resides now and my dream is to have Kelly Ripa's arms!

I freaking love her arms!  I doubt she has the floppy shit going on like I do!  

So, I will be 40 years old in May and  I had a physical a few months ago and found out my bad cholesterol is too high and my good cholesterol is too low!  Ugh. The doctor told me that if I started to exercise that it could help. He also mentioned my diet and I told him NO WAY! I will not diet so put me on a pill!! 
 So, that is one of the reason's why I'm starting this new obsession and the other reason is, because I don't want my belly to be compared to play doh!  

What the hell will I do when I go back to work next year?  I can either finish this book I've been working on a become super rich! Yeah right!  Or I could be a seamstress?  ooh, a painter! Maybe, I can take up photography and start my own biz!  

Thanks for reading