Saturday, August 11, 2012

The real me

I was sitting out on the deck smoking a cigarette and I was thinking about who I am. Why? I have no idea, why I think the shit I do.

But, it led me to the fact that many people who read this blog do not know who I am.
And to those who do know me, you can verify that I am everything I say I am.

1.  I like to think of myself as a optimist.  
     I'm only truly an optimist, when it comes to giving other people advice or pep-talks. I hardly ever take my own advice. I always expect the worst for myself.

2.  I can tune just about anything out.
    I really can tune anything out, except fighting and screaming kids. I used to not be able to tune anything out, but I have to thank my Lexapro for giving me that new found gift.


3.  I think all the time.
     This is very true, it seems like my mind never stops.  I don't believe my thoughts to be anything
     important or life changing.  But, I can sit in front of a blaring T.V. and not know what is going on.
    It's like I don't see the T.V at all.   This fact, pisses Chris off to no end.

 CHRIS:      "Ellen, did you just see that?"
 ME:            "See what?" 
CHRIS:      "What the hell are you doing? You're looking at the T.V 
                     aren't you watching it?"  
ME:            "Nah, I wasn't paying attention."
CHRIS:      "I don't understand you sometimes."
ME:             "Yah, no shit!"

4.  I love to read.
    I do love to read, but true fact. I hated to read before and I hate to admit this, but here it goes.
    The damn "Twilight" books started my love of reading now. I'm addicted, I don't know why I never
    read before.  Since I've read the Twilight books in 2009, I've been reading non stop.

5.  I love to write.
   I wrote a lot as a teenager, but never let anyone read anything. I've always kept a journal, but I never
   wrote anything incriminating in it.

6.  Independent
     I have always been independent.  My parents stop buying me school clothes when I was sixteen.
    Not because they were mean, but I had a job and I wanted to buy them myself.
    I've worked since I was sixteen, my first job was at Burger King.  I worked there for four years.
    I quit my job in 2009 to stay home with our new son.  After that, I feel like I've lost my
    independence. (financially)

7.   Gossip
      It's true, I love to gossip.  But, if someone states "DO NOT TELL ANYONE."  Then I won't.
      It kills me inside, but I do keep the secret.  (So remember that line just in case)

8.   Secretive
      NOPE.. not me!! I will tell anyone anything about myself.  You just have to ask. Well, sometimes you don't even have to ask, I will blurt shit out for no reason at all.

9.  Morning coffee
     I put way too much creamer and sugar in it.  I hate the taste of coffee.

10. Marriage
     Doubt I will ever get married.  Nothing against Chris or marriage itself.  I feel like I'm too old now,
     and what's the point?  And, no I've never been married.

11. Sense of humor
      My sense of humor has been described by my friends as dry.  I'm really not sure what that means.
      I feel like my sense of humor is juicy and real!  I will say just about anything.  I used to care about
     embarrassing myself, but not so much anymore.  I try to associate with people with the same humor
     as myself.  People who are truly funny, and will tell it like it is.

12. Sensitivity 
      That is a touchy subject for me.  I am not a sensitive person. I'm not saying my feelings never get hurt.
      They do, but not very often.  I don't know if that means I have "thick skin" or I just don't give a shit.
      Either option is okay with me.  I really don't understand people who get their feelings hurt so
      easily.  Unfortunately, if someone's feelings are hurt around me, is because I did it. (by accident)
      What's the saying?  If you don't want to know the truth, don't ask ME!!!!

13.  Fighting Fair
       Yah, that's a big HELL NO!  As soon as Chris flings the Bitch word at me, there's no holding me

14.  Same sex relationships/marriage
       I agree with any relationship or marriage.  If two people love each other, who's to say it's wrong?
      And, if someone comes back and say's: God say's it's wrong!  I say BULLSHIT.
      I believe people are born gay, parents or lifestyle don't make people gay.  Of course, there are
      people who experiment and are not truly gay.

15  Politics
     I hate them, they bore me, to be honest, it's all just confusing!!!

16. Pedicures
     Love how it looks after. During is like torture to me. I'm so ticklish I can barely handle it.

18.  Cooking
       This is huge for me! I HATE to cook!!!! I don't even pretend to like it. I cook what I have to for my kids. They will admit that Daddy's food is better than mine. It doesn't hurt my feelings either. I completely agree with them.

17. Tidbits of things I love.
     Mowing the yard (push mower)
     Taking naps
     Glazed donuts
     Folding towels
    Taking a hot shower
    Being the last one to go to bed at night.

Well, I hope you all enjoyed reading and getting to know me a bit.
Andrew want's me to play Spiderman with him, so I have to go and be the bad guy.

Thanks for reading

Friday, August 10, 2012

A very unusual evening

I must share, that this evening I was able to take a hot, relaxing bath all by myself.
I have to admit, I did get a visit from both kids at the beginning.

"Mommy, I wanna feel your water."

"Mommy, what's that white stuff all over your legs.

Before I could answer those questions, Chris came in and swept them both away.

"Can you please give Mommy 10 minutes by herself?"

And guess what!

It worked, he handled it without me!  And with minimal crying from Andrew.

It was the best 10 minutes I've had all week.

Now, I'm relaxed, smooth and smelling like a field full of flowers.

Thanks for reading... Have a great weekend.


Thursday, August 9, 2012

Back to school shopping

I feel like it was just last week when I posted about Emilie's last day of school.
This summer has flown by!  Well, except for the non-stop bitching that she is bored, hungry and she has nothing to do.

So, this weekend I will heading to the stores for school clothes and supplies.
Do you think it's possible to spend $100 or less on everything?  I sure hope so, because that's all I have!!

Chris brought Em home an outfit he saw at Walmart.  He did this after I told him "DON'T BUY CLOTHES FOR HER"

She is so damn picky! Just a reminder she is only 8 years old.
So, he brings home the outfit, and she hates it, cause it has ruffles in a place she didn't want ruffles.

She won't get a skirt if it doesn't twirl just right!

Anyway, wish me luck for this weekend.  I will think about everyone while I'm stuck in a dressing room, with a little girl who's afraid to take off her shirt in fear someone might see her itty, bitty nipples.

Thanks for reading