Thursday, March 7, 2013

Who wants to Par-tay?!?

Hey ya'll guess what?  I have been chosen to be the "Life of the Party" over at
So excited.. link up and come party with us!

Here are the "rules"
(Don't make us post bouncers at the door.)

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I can get used to this..

Well, looky here... I was nominated yet again for the sweet pink Liebster Award.  Even though this is my 5th time accepting this award, I still love getting them.  It certainly makes my heart swell.  Thank you to Mamma Wild Thing @ Raising Wild Things for thinking of me when she was handing out these awards. I love your blog you make me laugh every time I read it. 

I'm supposed to give you 11 fun facts about myself, I'm not sure I can come up with eleven. I actually find myself and my life quite boring, but I will do my best.  

1.   I'm 38 years old and I have a 3 year old.  I feel like I'm too old to have such a youngster! 
     Although, I wouldn't trade him for anything!

2.  You've probably guessed by the name of my blog, that I curse way too much.  It's just the 
     way I express myself.  Luckily, my kids know never to repeat me. They've said a couple 
     a four letter word here and there, but never what my mom used to call "The big black word."

3.  I love to act goofy with my kids, we dance and sing all the time. 

4.  Chris (my boyfriend of 12 years)  and I don't sleep in the same bedroom. We used to, but his 
     snoring has gotten way out of control and I can't handle that shit anymore. 

5.   Both my parents have passed away and sometimes I feel like an orphan. 

6.   My best friend since I was 17 years old, committed suicide in 2001.  I miss her everyday!

7.   I'm a smart ass!  Almost everything that comes out of my mouth is a joke.  I'm hardly ever
     serious.  Unless, I have my serious face on.  If you've seen it you won't forget it.  

8.  Me and my family moved 3 hours south from our home town 6 months ago, we had a 
     horrible time when we moved.  We are just now getting back on our feet. 

9.  I'm a horrible sales person, although I'm pretty good at manipulating people.
     (Does that even make sense?)

10.  I am working on my first novel, which I've been neglecting for a while.  I need to get
       my ass moving on that sucker.

11.  Well, look at this shit, I actually did eleven facts.  I usually don't like to talk about myself. 
       That last statement is a fact.  :)

Now, since that's out of the way I have to answer 11 questions that Mamma Wild Thing asked me in order to accept this award. 

1.  If you could marry a food, what would it be?   I think that would be Alfredo sauce.  
      I love that stuff, it just makes everything taste better.

2.  Are you a tp folder or crinkler?  I'm a crinkler 

3.  When was the last time you took a shower? Ok, when was the last time before that?
     I really try to take one everyday, so yesterday around 10 am.  If we have nothing planned 
    on Sunday, then I never even get out of my p.j's.

4.  What is one thing you absolutely cannot leave your house without?
     If I'm leaving my house and I'm alone.. which never happens!!  I'm taking my car keys 
    for a quick get away!

5.  Favorite curse word? Why?   Hmm.. I have to choose just one?  EEK.. I say
     "Shit ass bitch" A LOT!  why?  well, people piss me off a lot and I think it sounds funny.  
      I know technically it's 3 words, but not how I say it.  

6.  Caillou or Max & Ruby?  Well.. I would have to say Max & Ruby, only because I like to 
      make fun of them and it makes the kids laugh.  Caillou's voice is creepy to me. 

7.  What is your favorite type of salad dressing?  Italian, love the tangy taste

8.  What bloggers do you make sure to read every day?  Wow, I have many I read. 
     My absolute fav is The Bloggess, that bitch is so damn funny.  Insane in the mom brain,
     Baby Sideburns, Holdin' Holden.  I love when people can make me laugh.  Laughter is 
     so important to me. 

9.  Can you do the robot? Well?   Absolutely NOT!  I am a horrible dancer! End of story. 

10.  If you were shopping to prepare for a big snow storm, what are your must-haves?
       Um.. that would be my house in Florida!  I've only visited N.J once I was 12 years old.  
       I would never, ever, never live in a state where it snowed.  EVER!  LOL

11. Do you have any unusual talents?   I'm not sure how unusual it is.. but I can burp.
      I can burp really, really loud.  Most of the time louder than any man around.  People freak
     out when they hear me.  They can't believe that a 110 pound woman can produce such
     a disgusting, loud sound.  I'm very proud of it!  

I really liked those questions Mamma!  Now, I have to nominate 11 blogs.. Well, I can tell you right now, there is no way I can do 11.  I'm going to nominate 3 that I love to read and hopefully haven't won this award already.  I like showing love and giving support to all bloggers who work so hard.

Now I'm supposed to give these bloggers 11 of my own questions to answer.  I think I will give them one main question.  But, when you pass this award along to other bloggers you can make up your 11 questions for them.  Make sure that you are awarding this to bloggers with less than 200 followers. 

So here's my question.. are you ready??

Why do you blog?  What is your long term goal with your blog?

I want to thank Mamma Wild Thing again.  I really do love your work and I'm very touched that you follow little ole' me!  I would like everyone who reads this please go visit Mamma at her site, you wont' regret it!

I also want to give a shout out and big THANK YOU to Tasha over at
She also gave me the Liebster award earlier this week.  Please go check out her blog, I 
 love it dearly. 

Alright ya'll it's been fun but I'm out, my little man is yelling at me to wipe his ass! UGH!!

Thanks for reading.


Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Let me see those piggies!

I have an obsession with feet, let's not confuse this with a fetish.  I would consider someone with a foot fetish is those crazy ass people who like to lick, touch and suck toes and feet! UGH!!!

I don't even really like to call my obsession an obsession, I just can't think of a better word.

Here's an example...

I was at a Seafood Festival this weekend, me and my little man were standing on line for a dreaded port-a-potty.  I noticed a man walk up behind me with his son, I looked back and noticed that he was fucking HAWWT!!! Damn!. Yes, I have a boyfriend of 12 years, but I can admire the opposite sex.

After, I examined his beautiful, flawless face, my eyes follow the length of his body to his feet.  Lucky for me he was wearing flip flops.  I was freaking flabbergasted by what I saw.  His toes were funkified, one of his toes was curled up like a cobra, I thought that sucker was about to attack me. A damn shame, I had to stop looking at the hot guy, his feet ruined it for me.
Okay, they didn't look like this.
But, they could have. 

So there you have it, whenever I meet anyone new, I have to see what their feet look like.  I obviously don't ask them to remove their shoes so I can take a peek, but if they are out in plain view, I will look.

Chris and I had been dating a week or so, one day he asked me to come over to his house after he got off work.

I personally, thought he was handsome enough, but I had yet to see his feet.

I showed up at his house and rang the doorbell, he answered the door still in his work uniform and I looked down and saw bare feet.  Oh my, take me now!  He has the most beautiful feet. His toes are perfectly placed and asymmetrical.  His toenails were clean and well groomed.  I do believe that was the moment I fell in love with him and I wanted him to be the father of my future children.

I've always hated my feet, my Mom had the ugliest feet I've ever seen.  My feet don't look exactly like her's, but I do see some similarity. I don't like my feet they are somehow long and wide. My toes are skinny. ICK!

So, this maybe the reason why I check out everyone else's feet.  Who knows.. I'm not a shrink.

Anyway, I was in ICU after giving birth to my daughter (I had major problems with my C-section) I woke up and saw Chris sitting beside me.  After dry heaving for 5 minutes, I asked Chris.

"Who's feet does she have?"

Chris smiled knowing why I asked this question,  "She has your feet."

"NO!! What the Fuck."  I screamed, getting the attention of all the nurses.
I immediately started to cry.

"I'm just kidding babe, she has my feet." Chris confessed.

"Oh Thank God, and this is not the time to joke about important stuff."  I sniffed.

C'mon on you guys, I did get to see her after she was born for an second, I knew she had all of her fingers, but yeah, I wasn't sure about the toes.
FYI.. both my kids have Chris' feet!  YAY!!

Feet can tell a lot about a person, if they are well groomed and cleaned.  That's all I usually look for but, come to find out there is more to it.  My friend Tasha @ New English Mum in America sent me this article.

Check it out and see what your feet say about you.

Feet reveal the secrets of your character

Thanks for reading.

My babies piggies.