Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Ma, my balls are bigger!

I started this blog with intentions of writing about my life as a mother and of my children.
Of course events and my mood changes my purpose of writing sometimes, and I sway away from the topic of kids. Sometimes I vent about things I see around me or what I hear. 

The way I see it, no one really wants to hear about someone's kids all the time.
And I can write about anything it's my blog!

For this post, something happened that I had to share, so I will be writing about my kids.

It's incredible to me that my children are so different.  Both raised in a home with both parents. Although, Chris and I aren't married,but that subject has only came up once when my daughter Emilie asked why my last name is different than her's.  I told her that Mommy and Daddy aren't married.  I asked her if that bothered her? 
 She replied, "I don't care, I was just wondering."

Okay.. back on track - they have both of us and same values and mostly the same rules.

Emilie is now 8 years old but when she was a baby and a toddler she was amazing. She listened to us, followed rules and never repeated any "bad words" we may say in front of her.  I can't say that she listens to us or never talks back now. She is 8 but acts like a 14 year old.  Slamming doors, screaming like a banshee. Oh man, it is going to be tough when she actually is 14!

My son Andrew, who will be 3 on the 22nd of July.  He is a freakin' character.  He repeats everything I say.  He constantly asks questions. He insists he is a "BIG MAN."  If I say, "My little man" or "Baby boy" he corrects me immediately. He has finally been potty trained, so that has definitely proved he really is a "big man" (in his eyes).

I was sitting in his room with him last night, when he informs me that he has to go poop.
 I instruct him to go to the bathroom, I follow him and get him situated on the potty.  He then tells me me to leave the room and close the door. We have a tiff on leaving the door open, (which I win this time).  I go back to his room and continue reading.  
A few minutes later he comes out of the bathroom and runs into his room,
he is naked because that's just the way he likes to poop.

Our conversation consists of:
"Andrew are you done pooping?"
"I do pee-pee."
"Okay, well do you have to go poop?" I ask
"Yes." he says as his bare butt runs back into the bathroom.

Couple of minutes later and he's back.
"You done yet?" I ask again.

He puts his hands on his "big man" parts and says:
"Ma my balls are bigger."
" Er.. Okay, well that's great Andrew, but do you have to poop?"
"Nope, no poop - I got big balls."

Well what can I say to that?
Nothing - I just laughed
Cause that's what he makes me do everyday!

Glad to know he's growing well though.