Monday, March 9, 2015

If he fails.. I failed!

My 5 year old son started Kindergarten this year.  (2014)

He was so excited to go!  I was so excited for him to go!!

Two weeks after school started back in August, the school decided that the kindergarten classes were way too big.

They hired a new teacher and pulled a total of I think 18 or 20 students total from 4 different classes to make a 5th class.

My son was one of the students who was chosen to be moved to a new teacher.  I wasn't exactly thrilled, but I didn't say anything about it.  I thought, he has to learn how to deal with change.  So I let him join the new class.

I met the new teacher a week or so after she started.  She was so sweet and nice and she said she had been teacher for around 7 years.  I felt confident that he could deal with the change.

Maybe 2 months, could have been less the teacher quit and had to move back to where ever she came from. I wasn't happy that he was now going to have a 3rd teacher already.  But, what could I do?  The teacher had personal issues she had to deal with.

So, in the mean time his class was now being taught by a substitute teacher.  Luckily it was the same sub everyday.

The sub worked in the class for about a month or so before they finally hired another teacher.

Okay, are you keeping count here?  This will be teacher number 4 all before Christmas!!!

Andrew seemed to be adjusting well.  He loved his again new teacher.
I even loved the teacher.  She is the only teacher in all of the kindergarten classes at that school who assigns homework.  I'm a huge believer in homework.  She even gave every student a three ring binder and split it up into sections.  Behavior, reading log, homework and a communication sheet for her and the parent to stay in contact.
She is organized!! I love organization.

It's now March and I had a parent teacher conference with teacher number 2 about two weeks ago.

I sat down and was asked to sign a paper informing me that Andrew may be held back to repeat kindergarten.

I was freaking flabbergasted!!!
Why is the first I'm hearing this shit?!?

After she explained to me what is expected of every kindergartner to know before moving to the first grade.
I calmly explained to her, that I'm NOT happy that this is the first time I'm being told this!  Why didn't you send home a note on your "communication log" that Andrew was falling behind?

Also, that you're are his 4th teacher this year!
Don't you think that would cause some issues with these kids?
She agreed.  Well of course she did!
Then she proceeded to praise Andrew with this behavior!
What the hell ever!  Good behavior gets you out of jail early, but it won't move a kid to the first grade!!!

So, down to the nitty gritty.

He needs to know
  1. 55 sight words.
  2. How to count to 100 by ones, fives and tens.
  3. Various shapes (cones, hexagons, speheres) that I'm not even sure that I know.
  4.  How to read on level 2.  I have no freaking clue what that means and when I asked her she said she would send something home with Andrew explaining that. (never got it)
  5. How to write his numbers to at least 20.
  6. The sound of each letter
  7. Difference between upper case and lower case.  (She said he didn't know)
This is what he does know:

  •  27 sight words (she said he needs to be at 41 right now)
  • He does know how to write to 20 because I taught him!!!!
  • I quizzed him 2 different ways on his upper case and lower case and he only missed 2 letters.  

I have been working with Andrew every single day on the 55 sight words he needs to know.  He's getting better, but not as fast I would like him too.  But, I'm still working hard with him.

I realized tonight when I was listening to him sound out words that he really isn't hearing what he's saying. 
It's like when he sounds out the word by the time he gets to the last letter he forgets the first. 

Here's an example:


H - A - D
He says it over and over and then he blurts out "HARD"  Then he got the damn hiccups from almost hyperventilating sounding out H so many times. 

I Googled.. "How to teach a child how to sound out words."
I found something interesting, come to find out that he is sounding out words using the "choppy" method.
I read that some kids find it very difficult to figure out what word they are trying to sound out.
The site and multiple other sites suggested the child try sounding out the word by using the "blending" method.

I realized that when I was working with him, when I would sound it out I was doing the blending method.  

What the hell does all this mean?  Does it mean I have to start all over again?  I have to teach him how to blend?  I'm not even sure how to teach that?  

I emailed his teacher after I read a few of those sites and I asked her about it.  Hopefully, I will hear back from her tomorrow.

I really don't want him to fail kindergarten, but I don't want him to be behind in the first grade either.  He is one of the youngest in his class.  His birthday is in July.  

Until, the final report card comes out, I'm not giving up on him!  We will be working toward the goal everyday!!

Below is a video of Andrew trying to sound out "WORD." 
He had the hiccups from sounding out "HAD"

I know there are many home school mom's and teachers out there.

Can anyone please help me??   Any advise would be GREATLY appreciated.

Thanks for reading,