Monday, September 24, 2012

A day at the beach...

Those of you who have been paying attention, Chris and I moved away from our home town.  We moved about 3 hours south to Palm Bay.  So far, what I've seen the town is awesome, everything is near by.  Hotels, tons of restaurants, movies, shopping and last but definitely not least the beach.

We decided to go to the beach yesterday, which by the way is only about 10 to 20 minutes from where we live.  (depending on traffic)  Where we moved from, the closest beach was over and hour away.

Anyway, we loaded up Andrew our 3 year old, Emilie and her friend and headed off.  We left the house at 8am because Chris wanted to fish.  I guess you have to get there early to do that.

We get to the beach and the two girls, go right for the raging waves, (the waves here seem to be much more stronger and bigger than what we are used too.)
 They rolled around like baby seals in the surf and laughed and screamed and all that girly shit that makes your insides cringe.

Ten minutes into it, Emilie comes up to me and tells me she has to go poop!! REALLY.. DAMN IT!!
Before she gives me this information, Chris realizes he doesn't have everything he needs to fish.  So he leaves to go back the bait shop.

So, Chris is gone I'm left with 3 kids and one has to poop so bad she doing something that resembles the pee-pee dance.  I ask her to please just sit down and wait for her dad to come back. The bathrooms are up the beach a bit, not too far.  But I didn't want to have to bring all the kids and leave our stuff on the beach.

In the meantime, Em is still bitching she has to poop and now the truck load of sand she has in her bathing suit bottom is bothering her!!!  Well, what the hell, when you roll around in the ocean you're gonna get some hitch hiker's in your business.

Chris finally makes it back and Em and I take the walk to the bathroom and the showers.
We get into the bathroom area and Em decides she doesn't have to poop anymore!!!!!!
But, she's still bitching about the sand.  The bathroom showers don't work, so there are only the outside showers.  Even after I told her I would hold a beach towel around her while she rinsed off, she refused and threw a fit. (Mind you she's 8 years old, nothing on her resembles a grown woman or even the beginning of puberty)  I ended up having her take her bottoms off and I rinsed them out and used it like a wash cloth to clean her little girl business.
I lectured her the whole time about rolling around in the sand, and if she does it again, I WILL NOT bring her back to the bathrooms.  She will have to take care of it in the ocean.  She said she still didn't have to poop, I informed her, that this is her chance.. if she got the urge again, that she can do that in the ocean too and Dad can use it as bait.

We get back to the beach, and Chris is happy fishing, Em's friend is searching for seashells and my little Andrew is playing in the sand.  He refuses to go anywhere near the water.  He was seriously terrified!
I sit down on my chair under the umbrella and grab my phone to read and my bag is filled with sand.
While Chris is off by the water fishing he didn't notice our little sand flea making a sand castle inside of my bag which contains everything I don't want to get sand on.

I remember the days when Chris and I would go to the beach alone, before we had kids.  I would just sit there and relax without a care in the world.  I should have cherished those days.
Because they are long gone!!!!
Chris caught one small fish which he threw back

Thanks for reading.