Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Me Squirrely?

One of my favorite bloggers made her own blogger award!  I was super excited to find out that she included me as one of the bloggers to receive this award. I consider Marcia @ Menopausal Mother  a great friend who I've never met in real life.  I know she's real though, I've seen pictures of her! Thank you for this Marcia!!

So the rules of this award is to share 7 to 10 "Squirrely" facts about myself and to pass this awesome award to 10 other bloggers.

  1. When I'm watching one of my favorite shows I MUST have quiet during that time.  I will scream and yell at anyone who even breathes too heavy while I'm watching it. 
  2. I can not sleep with socks on.
  3. I don't like ice cream.  I know crazy right?  
  4. I never wear underwear to bed, and now my kids don't like to either.  It's just way too binding!
  5. I have a specific way that I vacuum.  All the lines have to match up. I wasn't too happy that the first house we bought had Berber carpet. How the hell am I supposed to see the lines in that shit!
  6. Just like the blogger who gave me this award, I despise cuddling. I've never liked it. I hate to be touched while I'm sleeping.  
  7. Clutter is my nemesis.  I've thrown so much shit away because it just didn't have a place in my home. 
  8. I get really stressed out if I have no inspiration for a new blog post.  
  9. I never wear shoes in my house. 
  10. I have to fold and put away clothes as soon as they get out of the dryer.  I can't stand seeing clean clothes lying all over a bed getting wrinkled!
So there you go, 10 Squirrely facts about myself.
Now, here the bloggers I want to bestow this award too.

Pink Fuzzy Slippers & My Hubby's Pants

Okay, ladies and gents, take your award and name 7-10 Squirrely facts about yourself and pass it off to 10 of your favorite bloggers.  Have fun!!

I also would like to thank Jenn from @ My Daily Jenn-ism for also giving me this award!  Jenn is funny and very sweet, go check her out.

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Monday, August 5, 2013


September 8th 2012 my family and I moved from a town in north central Florida where Chris and I both grew up. We moved two and a half hours south east to Palm Bay, Florida.  Almost one year later the kids and I came back to Ocala my old stomping ground.  My sister and her family were going on vacation and asked me to come and dog sit for them.  My sister's boyfriend has the sweetest retired police dog, he's getting up there in age and doesn't travel well.  I've never dog sat before, how hard could it really be.

I was a little nervous about watching a old cop dog.  I knew that they have certain words and commands for the dog.  I think German words.  Of course I don't know German, but I often make up my own words that sound like a different language.  I expressed my concern to my sis that I wanted to come a day early so the dog could get to know me and to be sure I wouldn't say any of my freaky words and the dog wouldn't bite my titties off when I wasn't looking.

We finally get into hot ass, no sea breeze Ocala on Saturday afternoon, feeling a little nostalgic as we drive around a town that I have a memory in every nook and cranny.  We get the Shawn's house and say hi to my sis and nieces.  After a little butt sniffing from the dog, I think we will be good for the week.

Here are some pictures of all the people we went to visit.. Because I'm a freaking dumbass, I didn't think of taking pictures of everywhere we went.

I was really excited to visit my friend/sis in law and fellow blogger Barbara.  We always have some amazing talks!  I don't want to forget my bro in law her "love."  She has an awesome pool that the kids and  their dog got to enjoy in between rain showers.  If you haven't read Barb's blog yet, you really should she is an amazing writer with tons of great fashion and beauty advice.  All My Lives Now

Sadie waiting for Andrew to jump in (which never happened)

One day I got together with my good friends Shirley and Andrea.  
We had such a great night catching up with each other!

We went to visit Chris' mom and Emilie had lots of fun hula hooping with Grandma.

In between visiting people the kids and I had Wii dancing competitions.  As you can see from the videos' I did not win that shit!!  But, had lots of fun trying.

Emilie dancing.. which she never does. 

Here's one of me trying to dance to my lovely Adam Levine..

Good God almighty I have no freaking rhythm

On our last day Andrew was a little sad and wanted to say good bye to the sweet dog we spent the week with. 

Thank you to everyone who I visited with but I must tell you.  The next time any of you see me is when you visit me!  

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