Thursday, September 6, 2012

The whirlwind I call my life...

My life feels so hectic right now.  We are in the process of packing and moving 3 hours south to Palm Bay.  Emilie will have to start a new school so early in the year already.  I've been forced to stop taking my "nice mommy pill."  UGH!!!

Emilie cries everyday saying she doesn't want to go to school.  She hates her teacher.  She states that the teacher yells at her. I know my daughter, and I doubt very seriously that the teacher is yelling at her.

Emilie is so sensitive, I can give her the "eye" and she will cry.  So, this morning on our walk to the bus stop, I tried to explain to her that the 3rd grade is harder than the previous grades.  The older you get the harder the work gets and the teacher won't treat you like babies anymore.  Then she tell me, I like when they treat me like a baby. (Really) I asked her.. Emilie do I treat you like a baby?  And she answers YES!
I told her, well then I guess there are some changes that need to be made.

I really don't feel like I treat her like a baby.  I do choose my battles. The important things I do enforce.
Bedtime, showers, brushing teeth, homework, cleaning up after herself and her room. She does all of this most of the time without a fight.  So my question to all of you is: What the hell else do I do??
I've noticed that when a few of Emilie's close friends come over to play, that they all act older and more mature than Emilie.  I've chalked it up to, they all have older siblings.  Emilie is the oldest child in our house.
But, I guess I'm wrong, maybe she's emotional immature.
Maybe, I do baby her.. I just don't see it, maybe I'm too close to the situation.  So all of you who do know me, here's your chance.. tell me what you think I can do to improve and what you think I'm doing wrong.
Those of you who don't know me personally, all and any advice is welcomed!!!

With that said, I realized today is the 12 year anniversary of my best friend's death.  I can't believe 12 years have gone by so quickly and how much my life has changed.

Sometimes, I do feel like she's with me.  Maybe that's why it feels like it was just yesterday, we were together laughing and shopping.  It's taken me close to 10 years, but I have made friends who have filled that void in my heart.
I miss her like crazy and I will NEVER forget her!!

I know everything I've mentioned above probably doesn't sound like anything to complain or stress out about.  But, remember my "Chill pill" is no longer in my system.

Thanks for reading