Saturday, July 20, 2013

Tales from the Trailer Park - Chapter7: Meet me at the sinkhole

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Growing up I had tons of friends who lived in our neighborhood or on another street not too far.  We had the coolest place we used to hang out.  At the end of our street was a cul-de-sac, which we used to call "The Circle."  At the end of the circle there was a woodsy area and in that area was a sinkhole.  Well, at least that's what my parents told me it was.  To the right of the sinkhole was many trees, but there was a huge tree that we liked to hang out under or in.  

We turned part of the sink hole area into our own bike trail, we would race down the hill and back up the other side. 

We did so many things at the end of that road.  We would tell our parents that we were all spending the night at each other's house and would meet at the sinkhole and spend the night there.  We had a friend who worked at the jiffy store at the beginning of our street.  We would walk down there and he would steal beer or a bottle of Boone's Farm for us!  Great friend huh?  I thought so too. 

We would skip school and hang out at the sinkhole all damn day and dabble in cigarette and pot smoking.  Besides, turning into a pot head I had so many great times at our sink hole. 

One day while we were skipping school, my boyfriend.. I will call him.. Sean for this story.  He realized he had to take a shit!  We couldn't go to anyone's house so I thought he went deeper into the woods to take care of business.  I'm just hanging out and talking to my friends when all of a sudden I heard PLOP!!

I looked to my left and saw a huge shit laying next to me!  I jumped up and looked around, all my friends were pointing and laughing.  I follow the stares and look up into the tree I was sitting under.  What I saw is permanently stuck in my brain for fucking ever!!!  

Sitting between 2 branches was my ever so romantic boyfriend's white fucking bare ass with bung hole staring at me like a cyclops.   

Seriously, I've seen a lot of nasty shit in my 39 years.  But, that was nasty!  I can't remember how much longer we dated after that.  Every time I looked at him all I could see is his brown eye staring at me from above.  

We sold that house after my dad died in 1998 and about 10 years later, I decided to drive down our old street and I parked in the circle.  I walked to the edge and our old stomping ground and it was all grown up. I  could barely see our sinkhole or the tree anymore.  Sometimes I have dreams and I find myself walking down that trail by the sinkhole.  I've had so many great memories of that area. 

That won't be last you hear of "Sean."  I submitted a story to Stephanie from When Crazy Meets Exhaustion and her series called "Over Sharing."   

I will let you know when that's published, you won't want to miss that!!

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