Monday, June 18, 2012


I want to learn how to meditate.  Sometimes All the time, I have so much running through my head.
How do you shut that off?  To meditate do you have to shut off your brain? Or is it time to think?
I just don't know.  I feel like I could be so much more than who I am. It's like the amazing Ellen is sitting right on the fore front of my brain waiting to be discovered.  I want to discover her and unleash her into this world.  My question though is HOW?

When I think of meditation I think of silly people sitting in a weird position humming.  Is that what you have to do to meditate?  Do I need to convert my 4th bedroom into some Buddha shrine.  Surround myself with with all white walls, water trickling fountains, and candles lit everywhere?  Because with my forgetfulness that will really be fire hazard.

What can you really get from meditating besides inner peace?  Can I get anything I desire?

Maybe I should forget meditating and start medicating!

Thanks for reading