Wednesday, January 16, 2013

I can be positive damnit!

When I worked as a Real Estate Agent, our Broker would pound daily affirmations in our head.  Mind you this was the first and only sales job I have had.  (I really sucked at it)  But, I did start to understand why positive thinking and daily affirmations help.  Because, I was such a shitty sales person I needed all the help I could get.   God knows my selling skills didn't help me sell a property.

This quote was used quite often in the Real Estate office. 

Anyway, I left the real estate biz back in 2008 and returned to administrative work, which I absolutely love!
It's been so long since someone reminded me everyday about being positive.   I've really gotten out of the habit of doing affirmations.  I really try to stay a positive person, but shit happens and it just pisses me off and puts me in a bad fucking mood!

You know how when a bad thing happens and it just sets you off?  It seems like after that EVERYTHING goes wrong.  Well, I know it happens to me a lot.  Are we sending negative energy out in the universe when that one little shitty thing happens?

I some how stumbled across this website and they are talking about positive thinking and affirmations.

The article states when you get in a foul mood you say things like "I'm so stressed, "Why do things have to be so hard." those words, phrases and thoughts we are affirming and making this our reality.  So, does this mean I can't bitch about anything anymore?  And, if I do, I'm telling the universe to send all the bullshit my way?  UGH!!
So at the end of the article the writer challenges her readers to change their language, instead of saying and thinking negatively to think positive. Okay, I will bite.. I will try this challenge for one week.  Starting now...
So, now that I've read this article I had planned on telling you what I've been up to in the past week or so, guess I will have to spin it around and tell you without sounding negative or bitchy.  This should be interesting..


I've been open and honest in my most of my posts about my life and our financial situation.  Things happen in life, bad decisions are sometimes made and we all have to live with our choices and consequences.
We got behind on our car payment a while back, we tried working with them some (not as much as we should).  Before moving to the town we are in now, my car broke and we were left with one vehicle.  The same vehicle that we were behind on the payments.  I woke up Saturday morning and went outside for my morning cigarette with my coffee and I looked out into the parking lot and noticed our truck wasn't in the the usual spot. I had drove it the night before to go the laundry mat and I remember exactly where I parked it.  I started to get freaked out, I opened the front door and poked my head in, "Chris, please tell me you moved the truck this morning?"  I asked with a tremble to my voice.  His expression showed me that he did not move the truck.  Yep, you guessed it, it finally all caught up with us. The truck was re-possessed!! It's that just dandy? (not being negative)  Can't think of anything better than, not having to look over our shoulder anymore for tow trucks following us.  Oh, and that pesky cost of gas!  Long story short or a little shorter...
I have a friend who has a friend who was selling her old 2000 Saturn and she offered it to us for $200.  I was super excited about it. The car looked in great condition and it's a very good price.  So of course we couldn't refuse.  We were waiting for the title to come from Michigan for a few weeks.  We were going to put the new car in my name.  The strangest thing happened, the title finally came in Thursday and our truck was repo'd on Saturday night.  Thankfully, it didn't leave us with out a vehicle!  THANK GOD!
I'm actually happy it happened that way, to register a vehicle and transfer a title in Florida is pretty high, we were going to have to pay around $300 or so.  Now that Chris no longer has a vehicle we just transferred his tag onto the new car, less than $100! YAY.

Let me tell you about my new car...

So, when you buy a car for $200 you basically get a car with constant heat, I'm not complaining that their isn't air in the car.. Nope not me.  A bonus, I get to climb out the window like the Dukes of Hazzard, because the driver side door doesn't open!  I won't call myself Daisy for sure but I will call myself her slightly older Aunt, who wears capri's.
Because, the car is much smaller than our Ford Explorer, gas mileage will be much better. Last night while driving to pick up Chris from work, I was blessed with a message right there on my dash.  I changed the words a bit, I interpret them as "I Love Life."  Some people, well negative people would probably read it as "Service Engine Soon."  I don't this week, because this is my positive challenge week.  I don't think I would be any happier even if I won the lottery, I'm living the freaking dream right now! (((cleansing breath)))

So, that's what's been going on in my life in the past week.
Thankfully, I read that "Positive" article before I wrote my own post, no one had to listen to me bitch.

Below is the link to the article I read if anyone else wants to take the same challenge.

Thanks for reading.