Saturday, June 15, 2013

Finding my Funny

My whole life I've always been a smart ass, a person who can take damn near any situation and find something funny about it.  Most of the time I can make people around me laugh at the stupid shit I say.  I like that about me.  It makes me feel good that I can make people laugh.

But, lately I'm don't find anything funny!  This feeling disturbs me, I don't like feeling this way.  
I feel aggravated, annoyed, tired and bitchy!

Yes, I've been writing my new series about my childhood.  The stories in that series are primarily funny.  
Those stories have been written down for months now, written when I was feeling funny. 

I think I need a vitamin or something.  A shot of B12 in my ass my perk me up. 

I decided that I needed some inspiration to help me find my funny. 

I watched an hour long stand up by Daniel Tosh, the host from Tosh.O.  I love that show and he makes me laugh all the time.  I thought maybe his stand up would help.  It actually made me feel worse. Worse because I laughed the whole fucking time but then soon realized that his sense of humor is much like mine.   If you've ever watched Tosh.O you know that I can't write that shit on my blog.  Although, I would love to.  I'm pretty sure that wouldn't go off very well.  I think it would be so freaking cool to be a writer on his show.

So what am I to do?  I guess sit around and wait for my funny bone to wake the hell up.  

I wonder if it's all The Vampire Diaries I've been watching. There is nothing funny about that show, maybe it's got me in a dark place?  

Fuck if I know, I just wish I would snap out of it!

I want Bad Word Mama to be a funny blog, to make people laugh.  I don't want the Trailer Park series to be the only thing published once a week.  I want to be able to bring you other posts to make you laugh.  But, until I'm out of this funk I'm not sure what else I will be writing. 

Please stick with me until I find that vitamin I'm looking for.  

Thanks for reading,


Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Tales from the Trailer Park ~ Chapter 2: Ghost Busting

This is the second story in my series, if you haven't read the background yet, you can find it here and also read chapter one if you haven't read that yet.

Chapter 2:
Ghost Busting

There was a family that lived next to us while we grew up.  They were the ultimate trailer trash! Really!  I’m not making this shit up!  We looked like the Hilton’s compared to them.  They eventually moved out and the old trailer they lived in just sat there for years.  The kids in the neighborhood always thought that trailer was haunted.  There were definitely ghosts now living in it.  I have no damn clue why we thought that.  This time I was around 10 or 12 years old.  I was pretty immature for my age.  Anyway, back to the haunted trailer.  We decided that we needed to scare the ghosts and demons out of the trailer.  The ghosts never bothered us, not sure why were against them so much, but we were determined to make them vacate.

Somehow, we found the best tool to do this, probably found it under the damn vanity. I really don’t remember how we found this particular ghost buster.

One, day some of us kids in the neighborhood lined up outside a broken window at that trailer.  (By the way we did not break this window) We were all armed and ready to evict.  Each had a red marker and we were making the necessary adjustments to our weapon.  The weapon that would rid our beautiful neighborhood of evil for once and all.

Okay, everyone was done making the necessary adjustments and ready to start.
At the same time we all through our ghost buster into the broken window.
Yes, success!

We weren’t sure what we were waiting for, screams, growls the ground to open up and bring that demon and trailer back to hell? Well, we sure the hell thought something was supposed to happen.  So we all got ready to do it again.  This time we decided to do it one at a time and get closer to the house.  So, we did this still nothing happened.  Over, and over until we were out of ammunition!  Yep, that’s about time Mom came out and wondered was all the screaming was about.  First of all, why does she always come to see what we are doing when we are always done doing what we were doing?  Why can’t she see what the hell we are doing before we waste our time and made fools of ourselves. So yet again,

“You damn fools! What the hell are you doing with all my tampons?
And, why do you have red markers out here?”

We explained, what we did and why we did it.  She just shook her head and said,
“Why don’t you climb a damn tree and leave that house alone.”
Are you kidding me? She wants us to climb the tree? She took our fucking foot cushions!

My mom later explained to us, that there were no ghosts in the house next door and that red colored tampons wouldn’t scare any ghosts away.

I swear, she just liked ruining our fun!

Thanks for reading,


Stay tuned next week.. I will share the story, when I met Jesus!