Monday, February 24, 2014

My video game addict!

My 4 year old loves when his Dad plays video games.  If Chris isn't home and Andrew hears a jingle of keys, he runs through the house screaming, "Daddy!"  He is pretty pissed off when he finds out most of the time it's me getting my kicks off.

Andrew is on Chris as soon as he gets home from work; "Daddy, you gonna play your game now?"
He follows him around like a lost little puppy until Chris gives in and turns on his PS3.

Personally, I love when Chris plays because that means both kids are sitting in the living room with him while I'm in the bedroom, reading, watching T.V or just sitting there enjoying being by myself.

When I come out this is what I find.. and of course I can't help but to catch it on video.

Andrew will hold his pee for so long, that he's crying for Chris to pause the game while he goes to the bathroom.  He doesn't want to miss a moment.

We've explained to Andrew many, many times that what he sees on Daddy's game is NOT real!  We do not hurt or kill in real life.  He seems to understand.  "Okay, I already know that!"  he answers every time.

Chris used to have a video game that showed really inappropriate things, like boobies and the man picking up a hooker.  He got rid of that one, because there is no way Chris can play a game without Andrew sitting right beside him.

After Chris shuts off the PlayStation, I will find Andrew running to his playroom to find one of his many swords or guns to pretend he's fighting bad guys.

I also get a whole story about what he saw on the video game.  That's about the time my eyes glaze over and I reminisce on how relaxed I was while they were playing, all Andrew sees is a smile on my face he has no idea that I've tuned him out.

Do you have kids that like to watch video games?  Do you approve?

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  1. The only one of my kids that really liked video games was the youngest boy but that only lasted a few years. By the time he was 14, he lost interest in them. I was glad that he did, but I also missed having "me time" while he was engrossed in the game!

  2. My daughter doesn't play video games but that is because I let my oldest play them and then I got hooked on them ... so now I don't want my youngest to play... I think it is an individual decision ;)

  3. My 2 boys both played video games, but not til they were much older. Since there was 7 years difference between them, Vance watched Billy like Andrew watches Chris. They both turned out smart and considerate so I don't see anything wrong with it. Andrew is so funny!

  4. I don't know if I'd let my (so far, hypothetical) children play violent video games, only because they creep me out personally. But I guess if their dad was there playing with them, and they could see that the person he is in real life is much different from who he is in the video games, it could be a good learning experience for them. But I'd probably go in the other room while they played.


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