Sunday, January 19, 2014

Thrifty and Crafty

Anyone who knows me, they know I'm freaking cheap ass hell!
I couldn't even imagine paying $10 for a shirt. WTF!!
Maybe that's why I don't have that many clothes. Although, just recently I've discovered something so amazing, it's made for cheap or what I like to call "thrifty" people every where.  I've heard about it, but never visited one. Why? Who the hell knows.
Can you guess what I'm talking about?  Yeah, I hate guessing games too.. so I'm talking about.

GOODWILL!!! Holy hell have ya'll been there before?  If not, go!

Not only have I discovered Goodwill but also thrift shops.  I usually have to breathe through my mouth while in the thrift shops but it's well worth it when I find awesome deals like below.  I've learned that it takes time to find something good.  I literally look through every shirt on one rack.  It's much easier to do this when kids are around.  Sometimes, Chris will send me to the store for beer and I text him letting him know that I will be a little later, I had to stop by Goodwill while I was by myself.

I think I paid total $20 for all of these clothes and purses.  A few of these are from Goodwill, but most are from thrift shops.

That's an Anne Taylor sweater, I found for $2
That bluish dress I got for free, because it has a little blue
spot on it and the lady at the shop told me just to take it.

I fell in love with that flowered skirt as soon as I seen it. 

Those are the clothes and stuff I bought for myself, I also found 4 or 5 cute things for my daughter.  So there you go, that's my new found "Thrifty" side of me.  I seriously go through Goodwill with drawls if I don't visit it at least once a week.  I don't buy something every time, just have to make sure I'm not missing out on anything.

Now, to the "Crafty" part of this blog..

For Christmas, my daughter got a ton of painting stuff.  Acrylic paints, wooden boxes, trinkets and canvases to paint on.  I've always wanted to paint myself.  But, I've always been afraid to start something and hate it.
Well, since she already has all this crap I guess I could try right?

So, while I'm at my favorite store in the whole world, I look for things I can turn into something I would like to display in my house.

Here's the crafty part of me.. well, at least I'm trying...
I found this wooden thingy with hook things. It was all flowery and yellow.
I painted it and made it into my toothbrush holder.
What is holding my toothbrushes are recycled tin cans which I painted.

This is a wooden plank that used to have the American flag on it.
Also found at GW.  I painted it, and wrote what I thought was cute and it's in my bathroom now.
Here are more recycled tin cans which I painted and attached gold letter stickers on them with
 modge podge. I'm making a wind chime for my sister who is getting married in March. 
This is another piece I found at GW. It was full of
flowers and junk I don't care for. I painted it and modge podged stickers
on it.   It is also in my bathroom holding my hand towel.

I decided to take a whirl at painting.
Blue moon.

I found an old poster board my daughter didn't need, so I thought
I would try to paint on it.  I have this hanging over my bed. 

A wooden piece I found at Goodwill.
Trying to practice at writing with paint. 

The last one I want to show you is something my daughter painted and I absolutely love. I've always been a fan of abstract art.  I like to let my mind wonder when I look at pieces that don't look like anything particular. 

I call this "Holy Shit it's freezing out!"

So, there you go. That's what I've been up to for the last couple weeks.  I'm totally addicted to Goodwill and I will paint anything that has been laying around for too long.  I admitted that I am thrifty, but crafty?  Hmm, I do try my little heart out. But, I know I have some practicing to do. 
I've also been working on my book.  So, I'm not totally screwing around. 

Thanks for reading. 


  1. I believe I was there to encourage you with your new thrifty ways. And I still am so jealous over that sweater!!!
    Did you really paint that Blue Moon? Emilie is turning into quite the artist. I'd love to see what Andrew would do.

    1. Yes, you were there! Anyone who reads this Barbara was the saint who taught me how to shop properly. Yes, I did paint the blue moon. Emilie is amazing.. she can draw anything she puts her mind to. If she doesn't get it the first time, she keeps trying till she does. I love that about her! Andrew, oh God Andrew, he doesn't even like to color. Only thing that he likes is to be up my butt and pretend he's fighting his invisible foe. LOL

  2. It's been a while since I have been into a thrift store but now that I am getting down to a decent size I am going to go through a few... you got some pretty great deals Ellen :)

  3. I've been thinking of thrift shopping . . . I'm always donating, so now I need to shop.

    Glad to see you around. I've been missing your posts.

  4. I love Goodwill! I especially loved it when I was a nanny because I would get so many new games and toys and junk for the kids for so cheap.


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