Thursday, April 25, 2013

No Potty break for a Mommy!

During the day I'm home with my 3 year old son and a 2 year old little girl I watch.
I will refer to my son as (3) and the little girl (2)

This is incident lasted a whole 5 minutes.. if that long!!

By the way we only have one bathroom in our apartment.

3:  Mommy I have to pee.
Me:  Can't you wait a minute? Mommy is going poop.
3:  Can I go pee in the garbage can in the kitchen?
Me:  What the hell! No!!!! Don't pee in there, just wait a minute.

2:  Ellen can I get a toy?
Me:  Yes, you can get a toy, you don't have to ask me to get a toy.

I hear 4 little feet running up and down the hallway, obviously waiting for me to finish. 
Then the screaming starts.

3:  She tried to hug me!
Me:  Dammit no hugging and quit the screaming!


Me:  Oh my god really, can't I just take a shit with out you bugging me every 2 seconds?
3:  Mommy, where is my iPhone?
Me:  Umm.. you don't have an iPhone you are 3 years old.
3:  Where is your phone?
Me:  I have it.


2:  Ellen, Andrew said my name.
Me:  So? He isn't allowed to say your name?
2:  No!  I don't like when he says my name.
Me:  Please go find something to do.


3:  Why do you have your phone when you are pooping?
Me:  I'm reading, leave me alone.
3:  I thought you were pooping?
Me:  Holy shit, this is ridiculous!! $#%^*((&^%%*((&$#@#@#!!!!!!!!!


Adventure Into Domesticland


  1. As bad as this sounds but this was hilarious. Oh the joy of being a mother huh. Ever noticed how kids can ask the darndest things like ever few seconds. What's that? Where's that go? What are you doing? Can i have that? Do you like this? Why cant we eat dirt? and all that sorta thing.

    1. Yep, that's pretty much exactly how it goes. LOL..

  2. OMG... I remember this stage... I wondered if would ever be able to do anything alone... lol

    It gets better with age, by the time they are teenagers you will want them back at this stage, hahah... :)

    1. Yah, cuz when they are teenagers they are such assholes! I remember me in that stage. UGH!!

  3. How dare you take a dump that lasts 5 whole minutes!!!

  4. This is so damn funny!! I can just see you there sitting on the crapper with your phone, just hoping for 5 minutes peace...and then the shrieking and knocking at the door...oh, I am sooo glad i am well past that stage!!!

    1. Haha! Yeah, it's not a pretty picture to imagine! LOL

  5. This brings back memories from when our son was small.

  6. My little one loves to stick her hands under the door while I'm in the toilet. Either that or she just yells from the other side of the door till I get a headache and come out. What is the fascination???

  7. Hahahahahaha!....*big gasp*....Hahahahahaha!


  8. Oh Ellen, you are the only person I know that would talk about taking a poop in a post. You really are too much!!! In one way I miss the days of the kids being up my A$$ and then on the other hand it really is nice to be able to take a poop in peace. ;)

  9. This is a great read! Thanks for making me smile!!

  10. You have a really cool blog, thanks for linking to it on my Silly Sunday Blog hop.


  11. I totally and completely feel your pain!

  12. :D I have nothing to say, but this just really made me smile :D


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