Thursday, March 14, 2013

Number 8...

Nineteen years ago on August 8th, I was in a really bad car accident.  Thankfully no one was seriously hurt.
(Son of a mother, I can't believe how long ago that was. I feel so fucking old! Damn you Math)

Three months later on the 8th,  me and a couple of other friends were held by gunpoint, also no one hurt.  Although, nightmares for a few months after.  But, not physically hurt.

I'm a person who believes in signs and I notice numbers in my life and I recognize those numbers as signs.
For a few years after those two incidents I was convinced that the number 8 was very unlucky for me.

Ten years or so went by and nothing significant happened that made me feel that number was unlucky, so I forgot about it.  I actually think a few good things happened on the 8th day, but shit if I can remember!

So, you ask what the hell I'm babbling about?  Well, hang on a damn minute and I will tell you.

I've been bestowed the great honor of being awarded the Liebster Award once again. Shit, I'm sorry I'm wrong it's twice.  Twice in one day!  Holy shit!!  I swear you guys are trying to fatten up my ego or something.

So here's where the number 8 comes into play.  After I count the 2 awards I've been given today that will make EIGHT times I've been given this award!

Weird huh?  Yeah, I think so too!

I found this one online. I was tired of looking at the pink one. 

Since this isn't my first rodeo I'm going to skip the 11 facts about myself, because I just told you a big one about myself.

The first person who gave me this award is Dawn from Delectably Dawn I've only recently found her blog and I love it.  Her stories are funny and I fell in love when I saw her post about S'mores Mess Cake!  For the love of gooey marshmallow.. MMM!!  Go check her out!

Here are the questions she wants answered.

1.  What is your favorite children's movie of all time?  Why?
 That would have to be Bambi, and it's not really because of the movie, it's because it was the first movie my Mom took me to see.  I remember looking over at her and she was crying. I love that memory.

2.  Do you work outside of your home? Or are you a SAHM? 
     What is your favorite aspect of your job? 
 I'm a stay at home mom. Well, duh I get to stay home! Just kidding.  I didn't get to stay home with my daughter and I love spending everyday with my son. Even though he drives me crazy some days.

3.  Who is the most inspirational person in your life?
You know, that is a really hard question for me.  I have a few people in my life that inspire me in different ways.

4.  What's your guilty pleasure? 
If you asked me this a couple years ago, I would definitely say T.V.  But now it's reading. I love reading!  I can't go to sleep with out reading.  No wonder I'm always so tired.

5.  Pepsi, Coke, Coffee, Tea, Water, Juice or Wine?
Umm.. DR.PEPPER!!   :)

6. What's your favorite fruit?
Plum YUM!!.. ooh and watermelon. Yeah, I love both.

7. What's your favorite genre to listen to in the car?
It used to be country, but now I'm starting to like.. what do they call it now-a-day's?  Top 40? Today's hits?
MAROON 5!!! Oh yah, baby.

8. Toilet paper.. over or under? 
The only way it should be OVER!  If I go into someone's bathroom and it's under, I have to change it. I'm sure they did it by accident and they thank me the next time they go into their bathroom. :)

9. It's bedtime. Are you a back, stomach or side sleeper?
Side sleeper

10. What's your favorite gadget to use in the kitchen?
Are you kidding me? Okay, fact about me. I don't use any gadgets in the kitchen!  I'm not a cook and I will never pretend to be one.

11. When you've had a stressful day, what do you do to unwind?
That's easy, Smoke! Yep, there's another fact. I'm a smoker, and I love it!

Thanks Dawn, those were some cool questions.

The next Liebster award was given to me by, Angi over at My Life in the Nutt House, I love her stuff. She makes me laugh. I know I can get along with anyone who lives in a Nutt house!

Her questions for me are...

1.  What is your most frustrating moments in the morning?
Aside from getting out of bed.  Fighting with my daughter every morning about what she wants or doesn't want to wear to school.

2. What's the  most embarrassing thing your children has said?
My son, oh my God. If someone talks to him. He will say out loud, "Mama that man is weird!"

3. What's the grossest thing you've found in the laundry? 
To be honest nothing really, they don't mess with the laundry. I'm behind them picking up their crap!

4. What is the best job you've ever had?
Besides being a SAHM.. I worked for a Budweiser distributor for 10 years.. I love everyone I worked with.
And, I got to sit on my ass all day in front of a computer.

5. What's the worst job you've ever had?
That's easy, Long ass time ago, I worked in a hotel as a housekeeper. I was asked to go back into a room a clean a toilet again.  I followed knocking and screaming "housekeeping." No answer, so I let myself in. Walked to the bathroom and found a man sitting on the crapper. I hauled ass out of there. I told my mgr that someone was taking a dump in there and I'm not cleaning it now.  It's too fresh! So they stuck me in the laundry room! I hated that!!! I eventually quit.

6.  What's the least favorite thing you have to do daily?
Hmm. that would be anything that has to be done in the kitchen. I hate cooking!

7. How long do I get in the shower?
Well, that all depends on how much screaming is going on outside of the bathroom. But, normally 5 to 7 minutes.

8. What is your favorite comfort food?
Mac n' Cheese!!

9. What's the nicest compliment your other half gave you?
That would be that I'm an amazing mother. I do believe he was sucking up that day so he could go fishing though.  I took it and let him go fishing.

10. Why did you start blogging?
I've always loved to write and I think I'm funny. Chris has like no sense of humor, so I wasn't getting any laughs at home. Thought I would share with a bunch of strangers.

11. What do you like most about a man?
Big penis!! Haha.. Just joking (not really) I like a sense of humor. I don't know what happened to Chris' he used to laugh and be silly with me all the time. He's so old and boring now. Glad I have all of you though.

So, now I have to nominate 11 bloggers.  Not sure if I can do all 11, I like to give the award away to people who haven't received it before.

Mother of the Year

The Honest Truth by the Honest Bitch

What the Poo Dude

Green Mom and Kids

Mommy Trying 2 Survive Monday

Okay, I've nominated 5.  I chose 5 because my son is freaking the hell out and I need to deal that and I've always loved the number 5.  That number is truly my lucky number.

To be honest, this is the part I don't like, I hate thinking of questions. So, in light of my foul mood today I'm only going to ask one question.

What is the biggest regret you have?

I want to thank Dawn and Angi again for this award. I guess 8 is a good number after all.
I just want to let you know, I'm thinking of making my own award to give away.
Please go visit these two lovely ladies.

Thanks for reading


  1. I have a question about Leibster. I have been nominated a bunch of times, but how do you WIN? LOL!

    1. LOL. When someone says they nominate you for it. You did win it. I didn't understand it at first either. It's supposed to be for bloggers who have less than 200 followers. After your name (blog) is listed, you go to the person's site who gave it to you and comment letting them know you accept it. And, then follow all the other rules for it. Then, you put the pic of the award on your side bar.

  2. Following from "Don't be a Bloghole". I can't believe you were held up at gunpoint. Holy crap!!!!

    1. Yah,it was pretty scary! I'm very, very aware of my surroundings now!
      Thanks for stopping by. Gonna go visit you now.


  3. Congrats on your many, many "lobster" awards...hopefully there won't be anymore to break you lucky number 8 Lol!!!

  4. Congratulations Mama!!!

    That is seriously awesome. Glad to hear you were OK after the car accident and being held at gun point? That is crazy!!

    Your answers were hysterical. Loved them!! Congrats again!!

    Penny at Green Moms and Kids

  5. Held at gunpoint? Yikes. Dang, you need to hang out with a better class of people. Or at least BIGGER ones. ;)


  6. dang have been a very busy blogger. Congrats. I'm proud of you!! Now, hopefully this comment will post...

    p.s. I kind of take credit for inspiring you to blog; so, even if that isn't true...let me believe it anyway. :p

    1. You are the person who inspired me to blog! Our writing is so different, except the cursing, love that!! xoxo

  7. Thanks Bad Word Mama! Really appreciate the props. I, like you, don't have the time to nominate tonnes of folks, but I'll do my best...

  8. LOL You are funny lady! <3
    Loved readin this!


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