Monday, March 11, 2013

Look Mom I'm sharing!

This is something new for me, today, I have a guest blogger.  She's a mother of 2 beautiful children and if you dare call her "just a Mom", she will show you what a pissed off Mom can do!  She's funny and witty and I love her blog. She loves to write about her life as a Mother and she's damn good at it.  Without further delay, I now present to you Christy from  Mother of the Year.

<Applaud Dammit!>

Hey all! My name is Christy and I am a guest blogger…and yes, another mommy blogger. “Ughhh…not another mommy blogger!” I hear you groaning. Yep, another mommy blogger! 

We’re slowly taking over the world one dirty diaper blog post at a time. I actually do not think I have written a post about diapers, but not because I’m too classy to do such a thing. I totally would write a whole blog on dirty diapers if the subject ever really came up. 

Unfortunately (or fortunately I guess), my oldest daughter was out of diapers by the time I discovered my love of blogging and my youngest daughter hasn’t really destroyed any diapers yet as she is still a newborn. 

Well, actually she is almost 3 months. I’m not sure what the cut-off age for the newborn stage is. She isn’t sitting up or crawling or getting into things yet. In other words, she isn’t driving me insane yet. I would say that she is still a newborn. I’m going to go ahead and define the newborn stage right now and set some limitations on this whole thing. Newborn stage = birth till the time they stop being snuggly and start being annoying. My guess would mean that my youngest is still technically a newborn for a few more months.

 Lucky for me, this also means that I still get to say that I “just had a baby”. “Oh, this extra padding? Well, I JUST had a baby” (3 months ago). “Yes, I’m still not adjusted to life with a NEW baby.” (After 3 months). “I’m just so exhausted because I JUST had a baby.” (3 months ago). I have every intentions of hinting that I am the exhausted, slightly chubby, stressed out brand new mom. I am milking this for all its worth, while I can. 

In a few months, I’m just another boring mother of two. Right now, I’m the mother of a new baby so I need spoiled and fawned over. Right about the time that my youngest is beyond the newborn stage, my best shot at getting special treatment is to get pregnant again. The pregnancy card is an excellent card. It gets you out of all kinds of things and then you get to play the newborn card all over again. Somehow I don’t think that my husband will accept this as an acceptable reason for having another child. 

“Honey, we cannot afford another child right now. I’m sorry that no one will be spoiling you anymore. Maybe you could make something of yourself besides just being a mom!” Just a mom? I think not. I’m about to be a single mom if he keeps saying things like make something of yourself besides just being a mom…. 

Let’s forget the fact that those words never even came out of his mouth in real life- just in my head. My imaginary argument went that way so I have every right to be mad at him, right? Hmmm….maybe he’s right though. Maybe I should make something of myself besides just being a mom. But if I focus on anything else, how will I ever win Mother of the Year? 

Maybe I should write a blog on how to become Mother of the Year? Oh, wait….already did that.

 If you like this guest blog, check out my real Mother of the Year Blog 



  1. Oh, I definitely stretched the "newborn" title like a rubber band until it snapped me back in the face. I hated to admit that the damn padding was there to stay. In fact, it got bigger with each baby and lasted so long that it took up permanent residence on my belly. Yes, I am carrying a food baby and damn proud of it! Thanks for sharing your funny story and congrats on being a guest blogger on Bad Word Mama's site!

  2. Oh yes...the extra padding. I know it well. ;) This was so funny!

  3. Definitely used the whole pregnancy card bit, even now, after eating too much, if I look a little preggers, I use it then too. In fact, I'm pretty sure that I just gave up on dieting so people would think I was pregnant instead.

  4. She is funny! I will check out her blog

    P.S- newborn is 0-3 months in my opinion also!

  5. Too cute! Congratulations to her one baby Number 2! Ride the padding out as long as you can, girl! :)

  6. Great job guest blogging!! Oh how I wish I could play the pregnancy card OR the newborn card (without actually having to get pregnant or have said newborn). As it is, I think I might try playing the menopause card. Or perhaps the new grandma of a newborn card (yep, she's 3 months). That would explain a little padding around the middle huh? Have fun with your kiddos and I'll look forward to that diaper post!!

    Penny at Green Moms and Kids

  7. Mommy bloggers are totally taking over the world (I thought we sent you that memo!) hehehe.

    The pregnancy card is awesome. You should try for twins next time . . . it lets you stretch out the "newborn" card into the "I have my hands full" cards at least until they start Kindergarten!!! *just sayin*

    Great post! Love both you gals!

    Janene at More Than Mommies

  8. Hooray for mommy bloggers! Btw I'm new to blogging please check out my page


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