Thursday, August 9, 2012

Back to school shopping

I feel like it was just last week when I posted about Emilie's last day of school.
This summer has flown by!  Well, except for the non-stop bitching that she is bored, hungry and she has nothing to do.

So, this weekend I will heading to the stores for school clothes and supplies.
Do you think it's possible to spend $100 or less on everything?  I sure hope so, because that's all I have!!

Chris brought Em home an outfit he saw at Walmart.  He did this after I told him "DON'T BUY CLOTHES FOR HER"

She is so damn picky! Just a reminder she is only 8 years old.
So, he brings home the outfit, and she hates it, cause it has ruffles in a place she didn't want ruffles.

She won't get a skirt if it doesn't twirl just right!

Anyway, wish me luck for this weekend.  I will think about everyone while I'm stuck in a dressing room, with a little girl who's afraid to take off her shirt in fear someone might see her itty, bitty nipples.

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  1. I think you can spend far less on school supplies, but if you're buying clothes that's a whole other hunderd. You have a TJ Maxx or Marshall's? Better prices and quality than Walmart clothes. (I shop at Walmart, but not for clothes). I saw Office Depot or Office Maxx had supplies for a penny. Good luck! P.S. I like the skirt.

  2. Hey, what's with the adult warning?

  3. Hey Crazy Mama, I have the adult warning.. because I cuss ALOT. I found a coupon for Bealls Outlet last night.. think I might go there and I heard Old Navy is having a good sale. Thanks for stopping by :)

  4. Oh girl...both of my kiddos started back to school this week and my son is freaking out over having to dress out for PE and people seeing him in his skivvies....I get the whole "seeing the itty bitty nipples" freakout. Thanks for following my blog!!!

  5. Loved the post! Found you on the blog hop and so glad I did. I'm like you I am just writing for my own amusement. It's kind of a therapy to me. Looking forward to more posts!!
    Becca @ The Madness of Mommyhood


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