Friday, August 10, 2012

A very unusual evening

I must share, that this evening I was able to take a hot, relaxing bath all by myself.
I have to admit, I did get a visit from both kids at the beginning.

"Mommy, I wanna feel your water."

"Mommy, what's that white stuff all over your legs.

Before I could answer those questions, Chris came in and swept them both away.

"Can you please give Mommy 10 minutes by herself?"

And guess what!

It worked, he handled it without me!  And with minimal crying from Andrew.

It was the best 10 minutes I've had all week.

Now, I'm relaxed, smooth and smelling like a field full of flowers.

Thanks for reading... Have a great weekend.


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  1. Ahhhh, I'm jealous!! Lucky lady!I'm stopping by from the TGIF Blog Hop and am now a new follower:) Would love for you to stop by Crazy Mama Drama!


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