Tuesday, August 27, 2013

The Eighth Wonder

We all know there are 7 wonder's of the world.  I've recently discovered the 8th wonder.  Well, at least it's a wonder in my life!!

This wonder is more than wonderful, it's amazing, no it's holy shit on a stick I'm in awe.

At first I didn't know what to do with myself.  People warned me, they told me that it would come as a shock to me.  They also said that I would figure it out and find my way and to get used to it, it's only the beginning.

"Ellen, you will love it, embrace it you deserve it.  You deserve every minute of it."

You're dying to know what I'm talking about aren't you?   Some of you know, and will relate to this post.

My 8th wonder is some thing so simple and I hope I don't take it for granted.


My 4 year old son Andrew started pre-school this month, well in Florida we call it VPK.  It's a free program for all four year old children.  It's 3 hours a day, every school day.

Andrew's very first day of VPK, I remember driving home from dropping him off and walking up the sidewalk to our apartment.  It felt weird, like I was missing something.  You know that feeling when your granny panties would work their way up your ass crack?  It's annoying!  Then you realize hmm.. I don't have that feeling, shit I forgot to wear underwear today.  It feels weird, but a little freeing!
That's kind of how I felt that day.  But that was just the first day, the second day I decided not to wear underwear again and it was exhilarating!!!  I've been "free-ballin" it for 3 damn weeks now!!!  HELL YEA.

So what do I do  3 hours a day five days a week?   Actually, nothing really exciting.  I watch T.V, read a book or take a shower.  I've dreamt of taking a shower alone in the house in quite a long time.  But, you know what's funny?  It actually freaks me out!!  I feel insecure, like having Andrew in the house while I took a shower made me feel safe.  That's freaking stupid, he's 4 years old!!.
I got over it though and I enjoy a nice, hot and uninterrupted shower everyday around 10am, after Kelly & Michael.

Like I said, I will not take this new found freedom for granted, because next year I have to go back to work. Although, that sounds awesome too!!

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  1. I remember the days when taking a shower without constant badgering was sheer bliss. Enjoy your quiet time.

  2. I've found something even better. You'll learn about it, too, in maybe 15-20 years. It takes a little getting used to, but it's all good. :)


  3. I am happy you are enjoying your time...

    By the way this may be too much information (TMI)... I gave up underwear 12 years ago and never looked back... :)

  4. I need to apologize to 2 people who commented. Because I moderate my comments, I usually check my email on my tablet and I can publish comments right from there. My big fat stupid finger hit the delete button on 2 comments instead of publish. I can't figure out how to find them again. So, I'm sorry to Cranky Old Man and Angel the Alien!! Thank you for the comments.


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