Thursday, August 29, 2013

Do mean girls turn into mean women?

I don't know why I'm so naive to think that once we graduate high school that people automatically grow up.
I know I didn't grow up right away after I high school, but I wasn't a mean person.

It boggles my fucking mind to meet women, grown ass 30+ year old women who are down right mean and nasty!   They don't give a shit who's feelings they hurt.  These women also have children, daughters.

Is that how mean girls are made?  Do they see how their immature mother's act and think it's okay to treat people like shit on their shoe?

I've been thinking about why people act this way.  This is what I've come up with.

They were or are bullied or controlled by someone in their life and they take that out on others.

It makes them feel better about themselves if they are able to hurt others


She has something stuck so far up her ass and she is in a constant bad mood. 

What I'm wondering though is were these mean women mean girls?  

Is this a trait that people just don't grow out of? 


Why is it really only girls and women?  I've seriously never met a man or boy who acts so hateful!
I don't understand why grown woman act so catty toward each other. 

I have a daughter who is 9 years old and I make damn sure that she will not act like that to anyone!

She was bullied when she was in the 2nd grade and she was very upset about it, and I hope that she remembers how that felt if she even slightly considers acting foul toward anyone. 

What will it take to shut up a mean girl or woman?  

As adults we teach our children to ignore that behavior and the bully will eventually become bored and move on.  But, why?   

Maybe, as adults we should show the mean woman what it's like to be in high school again.. take her to the end of the road and beat the ever loving shit out of her!

Nah, the bitch isn't worth jail.  CRAP!

Anyway, one of my closest friends was tormented today by a mean woman that used to be her friend.  Oh, and the lady is 45 years old!  

So, not much else I can do except take it out on my keyboard. 

I have one piece of advice to mean women;  take a good look in the mirror and fix whatever you don't like about yourself, whether it be inside or out, before you take your insecurities out on someone else!!

Do any of you know a mean girl who turned into a a mean woman?  I'd love to hear your stories!

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  1. The mean girls generally always get what they want because they are "Pretty." They think they are above everyone else, and men kiss their ass because they are "Pretty." SO they get away with it.

    I always told my boys to be nice to all the girls in school because years after school the "Pretty" ones are going to be ass-holes, and most of the "not so pretty ones" blossom into beautiful women who are NOT ass-holes!

  2. Oh, I forgot to tell you, nice post!

  3. I don't associate with anyone like this, I know they exist but I stay as far away from them as I can... I was treated nastily by mean girls when I grew up and once I was old enough I realized they were just scared little girls who didn't deserve one iota of my attention. I don't hurt them, I totally stay out of their lives... they are the ones missing out :)

    1. You're right Launna they are missing out!! I try to have nice and positive people in my life.

  4. or the pretty one gets tortured because of jealousy

  5. That's one of the reasons I have so much social anxiety... I know that these mean women exist. (And men too... they do exist, but just not as many, and they're not as BLATANTLY mean, as women can be!) I was bullied as a kid for many years but I always thought, "When I grow up I will have friends and things will be okay." It was hard learning that grown women can be mean too. I cannot imagine acting that way or treating anyone that way. Ever, ever, ever.

    1. Fortunately I wasn't bullied as a kid. That's why I tell my kids that when choosing friends it quality over quantity!!
      Thanks for commenting Angel :)

  6. One of my friends and I are going through something just like this. A nasty, mean, manipulative, control freak of a woman targeted us both... last year it was my friend, this year it's me... and she tangles people who SEEM to know better into her little web of lies & convinces people she's the victim.
    It's very unsettling, because really - I'd just love to punch her teeth down her throat! But I'm an adult and will do everything the right way and hope Karma jumps in and takes over. Great post!

    1. That sounds exactly like what we're going through too!! I believe karma will take over one day. Thanks for commenting and sharing Jenn.. xoxo

  7. They call these women "bitches" lol...
    That is really sad that someone can act and treat another this way.
    Sorry to hear that this is happening.

  8. Well, I'm pretty much a bitch so it takes a person I can't take on to be mean to me (ie, a boss). However, I had this awful impression of myself that I was a mean girl growing up. I'm sure some would agree but there are dozens more that say that isn't true. I tend to go with the majority. It was a great relief as an adult to realize that my impression/insecurities of myself were unfounded.

    Some would currently label me a mean girl. It's not that I think I'm truly mean it's that I don't take bullshit and I struggle to fake it. If I don't like you I don't like you. It's that simple. I personally don't think that makes me mean but real.

    Women are insecure. We are insecure about everything from our looks, our bodies, our parenting, etc. I've never met a woman who is 100% confident. Insecurity is the ruler of our inability to let go. Men? They aren't insecure. They are who they are and they move on. Not all but I think in general. That's why guys don't fight over stupid stuff. Guys don't hold grudges over small things. Women do this.

    I just ranted. Holy balls!!! Great post lady!! <3

  9. I think there was a time in my life when I was a mean girl. I think it started when I was 17 or 18 years old, and ended when I was 24 or 25 years old. I think it was because when I was young I thought(like between 10 and 14 years old) I didn't have a lot of friends, in fact I did, but they weren't the cool (and mean) girls. When I was 15, I transferred to another school and I didn't want to be part of the 'cool' kids, so I was not mean, I was happy with what I had, just not with who I was (teenage anxiety, anyone). So when I started university at 18, I made a few new honest friends, and I was perfectly happy there. All that changed when we went on holiday to Croatia in our final year and we had to do projects like guided tours to local sights and we had to grade each other and I was the only one who was honest and sad that I thought another groups tour was really bad and that I would give it a 4 out of 10. After that, hardly anybody I hung out with before, except for maybe 4 or 5 people talked to me. I think that really opened my eyes to the false-sweet-but-actually-mean type of people and it made me a bit bitter and also a bit mean. I got over it when I was about 24 - 25 years old, and I now try to be nice and understanding and open to everyone's opinion. But I still can't stand insincerity or people who think they are better than anyone else.

  10. Unfortunately it only gets worse as an adult. I am a young mom and I have a bunch of kids, I could not tell you how many times at school events women, fellow moms, have acted horrible toward me. Not a little, a lot, I usually make a joke and walk away. If what they said mattered to me I would be in jail. The funny thing is that when their crew isn't around and they are around people they don't know they come up to me and talk to me like it never happened. So when you smile and forgive them without them asking, they turn around and do it again the next time.

  11. I am going through this right now with a woman in our MOMs Club. This woman has unashamedly admitted to our group that she was popular and a bully in High School. Guess she didn't outgrow it. The bad part is...she is a therapist now.


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