Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Me Squirrely?

One of my favorite bloggers made her own blogger award!  I was super excited to find out that she included me as one of the bloggers to receive this award. I consider Marcia @ Menopausal Mother  a great friend who I've never met in real life.  I know she's real though, I've seen pictures of her! Thank you for this Marcia!!

So the rules of this award is to share 7 to 10 "Squirrely" facts about myself and to pass this awesome award to 10 other bloggers.

  1. When I'm watching one of my favorite shows I MUST have quiet during that time.  I will scream and yell at anyone who even breathes too heavy while I'm watching it. 
  2. I can not sleep with socks on.
  3. I don't like ice cream.  I know crazy right?  
  4. I never wear underwear to bed, and now my kids don't like to either.  It's just way too binding!
  5. I have a specific way that I vacuum.  All the lines have to match up. I wasn't too happy that the first house we bought had Berber carpet. How the hell am I supposed to see the lines in that shit!
  6. Just like the blogger who gave me this award, I despise cuddling. I've never liked it. I hate to be touched while I'm sleeping.  
  7. Clutter is my nemesis.  I've thrown so much shit away because it just didn't have a place in my home. 
  8. I get really stressed out if I have no inspiration for a new blog post.  
  9. I never wear shoes in my house. 
  10. I have to fold and put away clothes as soon as they get out of the dryer.  I can't stand seeing clean clothes lying all over a bed getting wrinkled!
So there you go, 10 Squirrely facts about myself.
Now, here the bloggers I want to bestow this award too.

Pink Fuzzy Slippers & My Hubby's Pants

Okay, ladies and gents, take your award and name 7-10 Squirrely facts about yourself and pass it off to 10 of your favorite bloggers.  Have fun!!

I also would like to thank Jenn from @ My Daily Jenn-ism for also giving me this award!  Jenn is funny and very sweet, go check her out.

Thanks for reading


  1. Bam!!! I'm all about telling you about my squirrely-ness!!!Whoop!! PS...cuddle is lame

  2. Super cool award! Really?! No ice cream? None at all?

  3. Yay!!! You did it! I love learning more about you...but the ice cream...HOW CAN YOU NOT LIKE ICE CREAM???? I also love the blogs you have picked to hand down the award to--awesome choices!

  4. Thank you Ellen... I will have to do this in September after the weight loss contest...

    I love hearing all the funny things about people :)

    1. No prob Launna, no pressure. Thanks for everything. xoxo

  5. Okay, I knew I would get shit for the ice cream thing. I don't hate ice cream, it's okay. I will eat it, but only like once a month or even less And, it has to be in a cone. LOL. But, I NEVER crave it.

  6. Well done and well deserved Ellen. I love learning all this new stuff about you!


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