Thursday, May 30, 2013

My Blog Blocking Addictions

I've been plagued by what I like to call the "Blog Block,"  this block is not related in anyway to cock-blocking.  No one has ever asked me how I come up with my blog posts, so just in case you were wondering... I only write when something inspires me, you can't even imagine the things that go through my head or the things I hear and see everyday you would think I would have a book full of blog posts ready to post.  I hardly ever write in advanced, when I'm inspired that's when I write.

Since that's cleared up, I was staring at the T.V not paying attention to anything around me, trying to figure out what to write about.  Feeling frustrated, I picked up my tablet and clicked on an icon. 
Then it hit me, my inspiration!
All of a sudden I realized why I have Blog Block, I have a new addiction!!

I freaking swore I would not join in on this damn craze! 

But, I was curious and it sucked me in and I'm too far in now to back out or to quit cold turkey.
It's sad to say that I'm not the only person in my house addicted to this, my poor innocent daughter she caught the crush too!

Yep, I'm admitting it here. 

My name is Ellen and I'm addicted to Candy Crush!

<hanging my head in shame>

That damn game took over my life and now I find myself counting down the minutes until my new lives are ready to be used.  While I'm waiting on my new lives, I read or I click another icon on my tablet that contains another new addiction.  Damn it to hell, I'm just too damn impressionable. 

Since I admitted to the Candy Crush addiciton, I might as well lay it all out there for you!

Again, I was curious about the hype, I see it all over Facebook and to be honest I felt left out.  I don't like to be the lonely girl sitting by herself at lunch.  I want to sit with the cool kids. 

The last few days, I've been staying up to almost two in the morning trying to satisfy this addiction. 
When I wake up in the morning I look like most of the cast. 

The Walking Dead

Holy wet dog shit! I love that damn show!!  
The only thing that gets me is after I'm watching an episode late at night while everyone is sleeping, I sneak out to smoke a cigarette.  I'm sitting there all alone in the dark and I hear something.  I'm frozen hoping and praying that a fucking zombie doesn't limp out from behind that building.  That damn show did this to me, I feel like I'm in the damn show.  God, I love it!

So there you go, those two reasons is why I haven't published a new post lately. 

I have a very important question for you Walking Dead fans, how many seasons are there? 
Netflix only has 2 seasons on it and I'm almost done with it!

I can't just watch it on T.V now, I have to be up to date. 

Oooh.. 32 seconds until I can play Candy Crush. 

Thanks for reading,



  1. haha, I'm hooked on the game too! I have been stuck on level ??? forever.

  2. I'm not familiar with this game, probably because I'm not a fan of Facebook. Your comment (I want to sit with the cool kids) reminds me of something I heard and agree with: having lots of friends on Facebook is like sitting at the popular table in an insane asylum. But I'm glad you're receiving so much pleasure from this game.

  3. I've never played good thing though cause I already have enough crap like google+ and pintrest that I spend more time then I should on and look like a zombie come morning time!

  4. I'm him. The only person in the entire world who has never been addicted at one time or another to video games. I just can't get into them. I know some people can sit for hours and play them, but I can't. 2/3 minutes tops and I'm looking to stick something sharp in my eyes. Therefore, I bequeath my allotment of the world's Candy Land play to you. :)


    Oh, I mean Candy Crush.

  5. First off...I read cock-blocking and choked on my coffee. BWAHAHAHAHA... I keep my blog family friendly, but I LOVE LOVE LOVE reading blogs that always say what I REALLY want to say!

    That is why I stay away from games, I remember while pumping playing games on the computer...crazy!!!! I would get upset because I would be done before the level ended, LOL

    1. I thought of doing a family friendly blog, but that's just not who I am. Thanks for stopping by. BTW.. I love your blog :)

  6. Walking Dead is da bomb!! The Candy Crush thing--I see it all over Facebook--I keep getting invites to play but hell no I am not getting sucked into THAT! I am already plugged into Fb 24/7 and dealing with insomnia--so there is NO WAY I am going to find something else to suck up all my time. Ellen, I think you need an intervention....BWAHAHA!!!

  7. You could not imagine how hard I laughed when reading this. Just two minutes before I heard the bing of my email, I was playing candy crush. I had no interest in this game or even the interest to find out what it was. Then I became tired of all the post, request and memes about it. Finally, I have in two days ago and downloaded the app in a fit of procrastination and blog block (as you would call it.). Then I started thinking about a post like this and bing my email goes off. I think someone's trying to tell me something, haha.

  8. I freaking love Walking Dead. I watched the entire first two seasons on Netflix in one day, and I believe there Are 4 seasons. I haven't accepted any candy crush invites yet because I don't need yet another excuse to be lazy and procrastinate. Sounds like the game is super addictive

  9. Ellen this was hilarious... I know myself well enough not to get into any games on the computer or Facebook... my life is busy enough and I rarely sleep... I might as well just stay up 24/7... lol So... no Candy Crush for me... :)

  10. Candy Crush addicts, unite! I've been stuck for awhile now though and am really starting to get pissed off! All I have to say about Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon.

  11. Hahaha! I've gotten so many requests to play on FB; I ignore them for fear of addiction. If I'm on my computer/phone/iPad any more than I am now, I'm afraid my husband will leave me. And he WON'T take the kids.

  12. I am so suggestable ( sign of the feable minded)That I am afraid to even try candy crush. I have a hard time now doing what I should. For example I am supposed to be doing paperwork right now....yeah right.

  13. Oh Ellen, this is too funny. As you know, I recently got sucked into this thing. A couple years ago, I started a second Facebook page that was supposed to be just for my home business. Lo and behold, friends and family are on the business one and business people are on the family one. I thought about shutting one down because it's a pain to keep up with them both but guess what? I get to play TWICE AS MUCH Candy Crush now. Woo Hoo!!


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