Monday, April 29, 2013

Why toddlers remind me of the Elderly

Some of you know that my Mom lived with me and my family for 2 years before she passed away.  She was not only confined to a wheel chair she also had dementia.  Even though I loved my Mom dearly, it wasn't easy taking care of her.  I've been thinking about this for a while now, but I think there are quite a few similarities between the elderly and toddlers. When I made this list, I was thinking of only my Mom and her last years here with me and what I witnessed day in and day out.  This is meant to be funny and if my Mom were alive today she would literally laugh her ass off at this.  Literally? Yes, because she also had a colostomy bag and they had to sew up her asshole

Okay, here you go....

They never know what day it is.

You have to cut up their food up into bite sized pieces.

They stand and or sit way too close to the T.V.

Both yell from the bathroom, "I can't get my pants up."

They fall a lot

You have to make every meal for them.

The dresses little girls wear now, remind me of the Moo-Moo's my Mom used to wear.
(or is it Muu Muu's? Hell if I know. I just pray I will never wear one.)

They get upset when you get annoyed that they shit in the bath tub, yet again.

They like to show off their boo-boo's to their friends, over and over.

They forget what they were going to say.

They have no filter at all. 

When either one is quiet for too long, it could mean trouble. The toddler has probably confused his shitty diaper with play-doh. The elder is trying to rearrange their room by themselves. 

Wiping dirty faces

Reminding them what people's names are when they see them. Then they still don't remember them. 

When waking them up you can easily trick them that it's morning and they missed their favorite show on T.V when it's really four o'clock in the afternoon.

You have to repeat yourself over and over because they either can't hear you or they've tuned you out. 

You have to explain to them why taking a bath is important and must be done everyday.

Naps.. Thank God.. (enough said)

They do not have an inside voice!

Sometimes they have problems getting all their food in their mouth. 

Able to fall asleep in any position at any moment.

Sometimes when telling a story, they make no sense at all.  All you can do is look at them and say:"What the hell are you talking about?"

Mom and Andrew,
see her moo-moo?
Mom and Emilie,
another shot of a moo-moo.

Thanks to my 2 kids and my Mom for this material and great memories.

Thanks for reading.


  1. "They have no filter at all."

    OMG! I've started! ;)


  2. I know how difficult it must have been for you while taking care of your mom. My mom is taking care of my grandma, who suffers from the same. It's very difficult to watch that and as my mom says to try and remember the person they were before. You are right about the similarities to little children, although sadly, not as cute. I applaud you for doing this, again, I know just how difficult it is and I can't imagine doing that, while also raising your own family.

  3. Silence always seems to signal trouble, doesn't it? ironically it's all we want sometimes, but boy does it cost us...

  4. I don't want to admit how many of these are true about ME!

  5. I feel guilty, but I couldn't stop laughing. What a blessing to have been able to have her together with your kids those last few years. You are an inspiration!

  6. OMG... too funny but oh so true... my sister looked after our grandmother and the stories she had to tell... lol, my sister has patience.. not so sure I would ;)

  7. OMG what a great post and lovely pictures! Your mom was as beautiful as her grandchildren!

  8. Totally reminds me of the "Why kids are like drunk people" meme. Too funny. I have an Andrew as well. Love the pics of your mom w/ ur kids. So sweet.

  9. I worked with elderly for years and I have toddlers, so I was sitting here nodding like a maniac! Too true and so funny!

  10. I've thought that many times-how we start out and end up in diapers... This was funny and true! Thanks for hooking up with us at the Humor Me Blog Hop. Come back soon!


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