Saturday, April 28, 2012

7 Days of Sex

Warning before you read this it does contain sexual content, and some foul language. If you are prudent please don't read. You will probably think "TMI". But you've been warned.

Of course I didn't come up with idea on my own, I saw it on T.V. There is a new show called "7 Days of Sex".
So I set my DVR up to record it, and I watched it yesterday morning. It's basically about couples who are not feeling connected and of course the man is bitching he doesn't get enough sex from his partner. This is a argument that Chris and I have on a daily basis. So I thought, let me watch this show and maybe I can learn something. It's hard for me to step outside of my head and see Chris' point of view. To me all I hear is, "We never have sex.. blah.. blah".  I was actually motivated by this show, the couples make a deal that they will have sex everyday for 7 days. NO EXCUSES. Basically at the end of the week they are more connected and closer. They learn to respect each other and their needs. I know some of you are probably saying to yourself, Duh Ellen that's common sense!  I just never thought about it that way before. I would rather freaking take a nap or go to bed early rather then have sex. I'm fucking tired!!!!!!!  So I need to get out of the the mind set that it's a "deed" or a "chore". Last night I told Chris about the show and I asked him to watch it with me, and we can take the challenge. Your not gonna believe what he said to me... he said: I don't want to have sex 7 days a week!!!! What the Hell.. why the fuck has he been bugging me every god dang night about it!!!!!!
ARRRR... I thought ok, he must be confused. So I explained that we don't have sex everyday damn day forever. It's just for 7 days. He still didn't want to watch the show. So the challenge didn't start last night.

Below is the link to the show:

"7 Days of Sex"


  1. What a great idea to have your boyfriend/girlfriend/husband/wife/fwb to watch the show with you. I've not seen it but think money and sex always seem to be the "subject" that starts fights/disagreements with each other. I want to know if Chris does watch the show and excepts the challenge...keep us posted on how this challenge turns out!!

    P.S...great blog subject!!.

  2. Thanks, I will def keep you posted. Gonna see if you he will watch it tonight ;)

  3. Try watching porno movies. Sounds gross to some but hey it works for us.

    1. Awesome! Cant stop lmfao ar the cheesey music theme...;)

  4. I don't fully understand how having sex for 7 nights in a row will make a couple feel closer. But hell I like a challenge and the perks are not that bad either :-)

  5. I have heard this as well... It's easy for real life to get in the way, i was worn out by day 5 & seemed more like chore to keep it up instead of letting the magic happen magically. I do feel 7 days of sex does nothing to ensure instant respect for one anothers' needs etc.... That should be evident reguardless prior to a challenge.... Plus, there will always be the, "hey honey, remember that time we had sex for 7 days straight" hanging over you. Hire a hooker, your safer! ;)

  6. Interesting comments to say the least lol

  7. I love all the comments. It's def girl talk. Nothing better I think than hearing someone else's point of view. I've thought of the fact that the challenge may be like a chore after day 2!! But I know for sure that I don't let anything happen "naturally". I'm gonna give the challenge a try and see what happens. If I can't stick with it, I will go out and buy him a shit load of condoms and hire that hooker. LOL

  8. As of Sunday 4/29 10am.. The "challenge" as started ;)

  9. Oh yes porno is the way to go. Toys, games, oils whatever works. That 7 days of sex thing, uummm yea ok, boring!!! Gotta change it up sometimes, makes things interesting,


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