Sunday, November 10, 2013

Still holding on....

I see you from across the room, our eyes meet.  I see love in your eyes, I see hate in your eyes.
I don't care, at least you can see me this time.  It feels like eternity how long I have to wait to see your face again.

It takes me no time to run across that white room to feel your skin again.  You don't pull away like you do sometimes.

I know our encounter is a dream, but I hold onto it for as long as I can.  Every time I pray for another minute with you.

As we embrace, I don't understand why I still carry your soul with me.

When our loving embrace ends you look into my eyes and without saying a word, it's time for you to go.

I'm sick of letting you go, when will our paths cross again?

My heart breaks every time we have to say goodbye.

I always turn away from you when you're fading, I can't stand to see you leave me.

I can still feel your presence "I will see you soon, I always do."  I whisper.

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