Monday, May 6, 2013

Sunday Silliness..

Do you ever get in a goofy ass mood where everything seems funny?

God, I love when that happens to me.  What makes it even funnier is that, it usually happens at home. Well, where else would it happen?  I fucking go no where else.

Anyway, what makes it funny is that Chris has like NO sense of humor.  I don't think he has ever acted silly ever!  I can look past that, because I'm goofy enough for both of us.

That fuckhole came across some app on his phone that you can get points when you check in while you are watching a certain show.  He was so damn excited about it, he had to explain the whole process and when I said do you realize how many point you actually have to earn to get something?

He about came out his lazy fucking boy because, I was WRONG! Wrong I tell you! Haha.
"I only need 3,500,000 more points to get a Kindle Fire HD."  he yelled because apparently I'm deaf.
"Really? And, how many points do you have?" I asked very nicely.
"Um, 5,000."
"Well, then you have a lot of fucktard T.V to watch because I want that fuckstick thing for my birthday."
(which is at the end of this month.)

Okay, that tiff was over and then he started talking more about whatever the shit he was watching on T.V.
I pretended to be listening like I always do. Until he said "Tiffle."  Okay, I have no idea what he was meaning to say, but that made me laugh uncontrollably.  He about blew a fucknutt, because I started laughing at him.
Chris does not like to be laughed at, which makes it even harder not to laugh.

This is the shit I have to deal with on the weekend.  We go back and forth all day long and he finds none of it funny! I find all of it funny.  It infuriates him to no end how I can take something as simple as "Tiffle" and giggle about it for hours.

I had posted something on Facebook today, that I said that he didn't find funny.

Chris just got aggravated with me because I call margarine, butter. I told him I call both butter cause margarine sounds too fancy!. He shook his head and walked away. See, he can't argue when he knows I'm right. ;)

I think of it this way, I have 2 choices.. I can either go fuckersucker crazy every time he opens his mouth.
Or, I can laugh at everything.  I'm really hoping that I can rub off on him. (ewww, not like that!)

That was my fucking Sunday.

Thanks for reading.


  1. I say you go all fuckersucker on him. I wanna watch. ;)


    1. Haha! I'm really thinking about recording the crap we argue about. It's better than the bullspit on T.V

  2. i love the name of your blog, ha! and your writing is hilarious. i love getting in those silly moods, too... i about laughed out loud reading this post! :)

  3. OK, how many different Fuck.... names can you come up with. Do you ever repeat them? I am going to have to keep track.

    It seems to work that you can put fuck in front of anything and it comes out funny:
    Fuckbubble/ fuckfoot/ fuckhead/ You are deffinately on to something.

    Oh yeah, the rest of your posts are also always funny!

    1. Fuckstick is my favorite! It could be anything! LOL.. I like fuckfoot.. that's funny!!

  4. Its kinda like laughing in church...hmmmm. Wonder how I know that one? Catholic school.

    1. I've had my shares of trying not to laugh in church. Catholic church at that, with my old Mom sitting next to me giving me the stink eye!! I can totally relate.

  5. I'm always in a goofy funny mood unless I wake up on the wrong side of the bed. Or like today gotta get 2 shots and have 2 fillings. so not a way to end my Monday. ugh.

    Oh wow....the F bomb as I say. LOL Glad to know someone else cusses in Blog world.


    Be sure to stop by today and add your blog lovin link

    1. Oh No!! I hope you're feeling okay. I linked up at your hop. Thanks for the invite :)

  6. Why don't guys like it when we laugh at them anyway? As far as I'm concerned, the dude's lucky I'm still here. I might as well laugh about it, amiright???

    Funny as always!!

  7. I would need someone who could laugh with me and at themselves... I am forever saying or doing something worthy of laughter... I need the same in return :)

    1. Yah! I said the same thing, but it was too late. LOL..


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