Monday, April 22, 2013

Weekend full of fun and a bank robbery..

Hey there all, I gotcha in here didn't I?  You read something about a bank robbery didn't you? Well, I won't lie to you.. not too much.  I had quite the weekend and yes it did include a bank robbery. I didn't rob the bank, not like I haven't thought about it, but I know damn well I would never get away with it. I'm hate running!

My friend, Kyley and I went out of town this weekend, when I say out of town I really mean a half hour away. Far enough away, but not too close that the kids didn't ask every 10 freaking seconds "how much longer until we get there?"
Yes, we brought our kids and left our men at home.  Yes, I know IDIOTS!!

FRIDAY - Big storm here, wind blowing rain pounded against our windows. Nothing out of the ordinary.

SATURDAY A.M. -  Chris had to go to work for a bit, after he left he called and asked if I had a problem with the door locks the day before.  Nope, no problem here I answered.  I got my key and opened the front door to inspect the locks.  I really had no idea what the hell to look for but I took a shot at it.  Holy F'ing Shit!!!
The dead bolt lock and the handle lock had definitely been messed with. I couldn't even get my key into the deadbolt lock.  It looked like someone was jamming something in those holes and tearing that shit up.
(Haha, that sounded really dirty)
So yep, someone definitely was trying to get in here. I don't know what the fuck they are looking for we have NOTHING of value! We sold everything when we moved for money.  But, it still scared the shit out of me.

SATURDAY MID MORNING -  Packed and ready to go, Kyley picks up me and the kids and we make our way. Although, Kyley had to stop at the bank before we go to the beach.  I sit in the car with all the kids while she goes into the bank.  She comes out a few minutes later and states that there was a weird fucking man in that bank.  She was at the teller window and a man came up behind her breathing down her neck. Seriously, everyone knows correct bank etiquette!  She proceeded to tell me what she heard and saw and how uncomfortable she felt.  I was intrigued so I looked behind me to see the bank door and I saw a man come out in a jacket and a baseball cap.  I asked her "Is that the guy?"  She responded "Yes."  I asked if he took his baseball cap off while he was inside and she said no.  Everyone knows that most banks make you take off your hat and sunglasses when you come in.  We watched the man, cross the parking lot and the street.  He didn't run but he wasn't walking slowly. I noticed that the man never took his right hand out of his pocket.   Putting it behind us, we left for our mini vacation.
Here is an actual photo from a news website. (
Look at the left picture you will see a person in the background. That's my friend!!

A few minutes later Chris called me while he was on his way home from work.  I told him that the locks on our front door were in fact jacked up and to call the apartment place office and to tell them to change our locks ASAP.  He agreed and then proceeded to tell me that the bank by our house looked like it was robbed. There were cops everywhere including helicopter.  I looked at Kyley while she drove.
"Holy shit! Oh my God! Are you kidding me?" I yelled to Chris on the phone.
Kyley said, "What the hell happened?"
"The bank you were just at was robbed."
I told Chris what had just happened to us or Kyley at the bank.
We were both freaking out, that a bank was being robbed while she was walking out the damn door.
Kyley, decided that she would call the bank and let them know that she saw the guy leave and what direction he went in.  She called and the person who answered the phone said that he remembered her and she left at the perfect time. She told them what she knew and they thanked her and told her that they already had someone following the guy.

SATURDAY AFTERNOON - Finally made it to the hotel and the sky looks like it's going to dump some wet shit right on top of us.  Man, this suck!  The hotel is actually a resort,which includes restaurants, bars and a huge pool with a kiddie area.

This is part of the Kid's area.
(That's not my kid in the photo)

This is my kid, riding a whale. 

I keep forgetting that you can get sunburned even when the sun doesn't make an appearance. You would think someone who grew up in Florida would remember that. Nope.. every time I forget.  

We finally corralled the kids out of the pools and got them dressed to go out on the town. Haha! Yah right.
But, we did some shopping at Ron Jon's Surf Shop and some other little shops in the area. 

Shopping Trip - Cool fish tank. See the shark back there?

The last time I had talked to Chris was around 3:30 that afternoon.  I called him around 8:30 or so to tell him goodnight and he didn't answer, I called and called.  I texted him and let him know to call me. No answer. I found it odd because like everyone else his phone is with him at all times.  I texted him again and told him that I was worried because of our door/lock situation, I told him that I would call the cops to check on him if he didn't call me in 5 minutes.  So, 20 minutes went by and no word.  I decided to call the non-emergency number and see if they could check on him.  I felt like an idiot, but all kinds of crazy shit was going through my head.  Shit, I don't even want to type.  Anyway, 15 minutes later, my phone rings and it's Chris.
"Why the hell did you call the cops?" he asked.
"I was worried about you and you weren't answering your phone."
He ended up dropping his phone inside his recliner.  
He didn't think it was too funny, he was sound asleep and freaked out when he saw a cop at the door.
The officer made him walk all the way outside to the patrol car to verify his identity and to make sure he wasn't being held hostage. Well, I think that's why he had to go outside.  I couldn't help to giggle while he bitched about being woke up. 
But, I felt better and had a good night sleep. 

Thanks for reading

Forgot to mention above, the bank robber guy was caught on Sunday! 


  1. OMG... you made me laugh so hard... I cannot believe the weekend you had... mine was dull, lol.

    I think anybody's was dull compared to yours...

    WOE.... LMAO

    1. I like dull usually. LOL.. After all said and done, I can laugh about it too. Our lease is up at the is apartment in November we are going to move to a "nicer" area!!

  2. What a time you had. Fun pictures.

  3. Dang....a bank robbery, you freaking out about your husband, cob at your door and husband answers and he loses his cell in the recliner all in one day. Dang...sounds like you have an interesting life. Looks like you all had fun despite worrying about your hubby. Glad your friend wasnt in the bank when it got robbed. Weird and freaky that she was in there when she was in there and freaky and nasty that he was breathing down her neck. Hope they caught the creep.

    1. My life is far from interesting. I guess all the interesting shit happens all in one day. That's fine with me. I like my boring little life. And, yes they did catch the guy!

  4. I can just imagine the look on Chris's face when he opened the door to see a cop standing there. Then to be led down to a police cruiser. Too funny!!! Happy to hear you had a nice mini vacay. Happier still no one was harmed in the robbery and that they caught the guy. xxx

  5. Holy cow ~ what a weekend! You should be called "Bad Ass Mama". LOL. What were the kids thinking with all this going on? They probably felt like they were in a movie...or on an episode of Cops. Glad everybody is safe and that they caught the guy!!

    1. Kids had no idea what was going on. They barely shut up long enough in between asking "Are we there yet?" to hear me and Kyley talking about it. The kids are so young, I try to keep them sheltered from all the bullshit that goes on around them.

  6. Oh my gosh I love it!!! My husband is friends with ALL the cops around here so they would get a good laugh about waking him up and making him come outside lol

    -Queen Mommy

  7. Wow, what a wild weekend! My weekend is extremely dull compared to yours

  8. That would freak me out! The rest of the weekend looked fun, though ;)

  9. wow, thats a pretty adventurous weekend!


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