Thursday, February 14, 2013

It's the little things...

Since it's the dreaded Valentines Day, I will try to act like a woman who likes this holiday.
I wanted to share with ya'll the little things in life that make my heart melt.

When I say "little things" I'm not talking about Chris buying me a romantic card for no reason, I would rather him just tell me.  Flowers?  Waste of money if you ask me.  A hug for no reason?  A slap on the ass will do just fine.

What really makes me smile is, my 3 year old son who just learned how to pee standing up.  He's been potty trained since about 2 or so but I insisted on him sitting down to pee.  I've never had to clean up a mess Chris makes around the toilet, he has pretty good aim.  So, I was afraid, that Andrew would pee all over the walls just because he could.  Finally, one day about a month ago Andrew decided that the last step in his mind that would consider him a "Big Man."  He would try peeing standing up.  I was very nervous, I stood right behind him and tried to hold it for him.. just in case.. "No Mama, my weenie, I hold it."  UGH!!!
Okay, but I still stood behind him.. I didn't have time to throw a Fruit Loop or a Cheerio in the toilet for him to try to aim for.  I threw in a piece of toilet paper and told him to pee on that piece of toilet paper.


He did it.. he kept it in the toilet and he even remembered to shake it off when he was done.
He was ecstatic with himself.. HIGH FIVES all around!

That right there, made my freaking day!  That's a little thing to me.  I don't remember being any happier or more proud of him.  The cutest thing ever is walking by the bathroom and seeing my little man, pants down, holding on tight to himself and clenching his little butt cheeks together while he leans forward.

Emilie is only 9 years old, but sometimes she acts like she's 14.  She is quite the pig when it comes to keeping  her room clean, putting her homework back in her backpack, putting her dishes in the sink.. I think you get the point.  I'm constantly on her ass about these things.  Every once in a while she will surprise me and do what I consider little things without me asking. She is not the kind of child who gets excited over things like opening gifts.  She likes the idea of getting presents, but when she opens them, even if it's something she's been begging me for, she shows no excitement.  Anyone who knows her, knows this is so true.  She is a lot like me, when she doesn't show emotion, she doesn't share her feelings hardly ever.  She isn't one for hugging or showing her love.  Although, she loves me and her father very much, she never says it.  One weekend, she was camping with her Girl Scout troop and I came the next day to join them, when I walked up she ran to me and hugged me!  OH MY.. my little girl hugged me. I didn't want to let go, she struggled to get out of my embrace, because I guess I was embarrassing her. Hope I didn't ruin it forever. Mama loves hugs and kisses.

While driving Chris to work this morning, (because we only have one car) he turned to me and said.. "Happy Valentines Day."  I looked at him, "Huh?"
"It's Valentines Day."
Damn, I completely forgot!
He said, " I didn't get anything for you yet."
"I didn't get anything for you either."  I said.
We agreed right then, really without saying the words, that neither one of us wants or needs anything for this ridiculous holiday.
Just the fact that he remembered what day it was and I didn't, made me smile.

I hope everyone has a day filled with roses and candy.  Me? I just hope Chris gets off work in time to have dinner with his family.  And, my favorite Aunt is coming today to visit.
(I said "favorite Aunt", she is in no way related to the Aunt I hate who visits me every month.)

Thanks for reading


  1. A 3 yo with good aim is a BIG thing!

    A woman who likes a pat on the butt is a good woman!

    Happy Valentines day

  2. If him peeing standing up makes you happy, you're gonna be absolutely ecstatic when he learns how to write his name in cursive in fresh snow. ;)

    Happy Valentine's Day Ellen.


    1. Too bad we live in Florida.. That would be kind of cool! Happy Valentine's Day to you too

    2. Now you have an excuse for a road trip. :)

  3. Way to go Andy! Isaac still has poor aim and he's 8, so a 3 yr old with good aim is Fantazmic!

  4. This is sweet, but I like it in spite of that, LOL

    1. I don't usually do "sweet", I felt compelled because of Valentine's Day! Thanks for stopping by


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