Saturday, October 6, 2012

"I AM _____"

I found this on:  You Know It Happens At Your House Too. Love her blog.. check her out when you get a chance. 
"Set a timer for five minutes and write.  Write using the prompt I AM ______________________. Don't edit, don't proofread, don't change it.  You are not required to share it with anyone, even though I hope you do, but keep it close by so that on those days when you are feeling really horrible about yourself (we all know that we have those days), you can look back and remember all the things that make you wonderful." 

I am Ellen.
I am a 38 year old woman who swears she still 18. 
I am a  mother of two beautiful children 3 and 8.
I am a devoted girlfriend to the best man ever, who would do anything for me and his family. 
I am a person who doesn't say no often enough. 
I am generous.
I am bitchy.
I am loving.
I am the funniest person I know.
I am a Gemini.
I am easy going.
I am excited to become a famous author. (someday)
I am hard on myself.
I am a horrible cook.
I am still sad that both my parents have passed.
I am a hard ass.

Well.. my time is up. That was harder than I thought it would be. 

Thanks for reading.


  1. I am glad you are you ;-)

  2. I AM PROUD to know you...

  3. We are a lot alike. Maybe it's because we're both Gemini or funny or um, future authors... :)


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