Friday, October 5, 2012

Conversations with toddlers

Main characters:
Shelby:  2 years old
Andrew:  3 years old
Me:  The mother of Andrew and sitter for Shelby

The kids are in the living room with me playing with lego's.

Shelby:  "No Andew I want the wed (red) one."

Andrew:  "Mine, Selby!"

Shelby:  "Look Elwen (Ellen)  I make a wocket." (rocket)

The lego's lasted a whole 5 minutes, left for me to either clean up or scream every time I step on one!


Shelby: "Andew what you eatin?"

Andrew:  "Samich"

Shelby:  "Samich, yummy, I eat sceddi o's"

Andrew:  "otay Selby"

Me:  giggle, giggle.

 after lunch:

Andrew:  "I done Mommy, I need to poop."

Shelby:  "Andew need to poop?", "Andew need to poop?"

Andrew:  "Selby no! I go poop!"

Me:  "Shelby, why are you laying on the floor like that? Are you going poop?"

Shelby:  "I do poop like Andew."

I spray the area with air freshener, to stop my gag reflex and dry heaves.


Me:  Shelby, eat your yoguart with your spoon, not your fingers.  Eat like a big girl.
Shelby:  Eat like a big gurl?
Me:  Yes, don't you want to be a big girl?
Shelby:  No, I sit in the princess chair.

Ugh.. okay well one of us is definitely confused.  

Andrew:  Mommy
Me:  Yes, Andrew
Andrew:  Notin
Shelby:  What wong Andew?
Shelby:  What wong Andew?
Andrew:  No, Selby, I talk to my mommy.

**All quiet now :)


Shelby is  playing in her room nicely

Me:  Shelby where is Andrew?
Shelby: Me not know.

Me calling for Andrew, I notice Andrew hiding behind the curtains.

Me:  Andrew, when I call you, you need to answer me. I was scared you got lost.
Andrew:  Me no scared.
Me:  I was scared, not you.
Andrew: No be scared, I hide white (right) here.
Me:  Okay, thank you.

I'm sitting on the couch and Shelby is sitting next to me.  Andrew walks in the room and sees Shelby sitting next to me. He gets mad and starts to walk away.

Shelby:  Andew you wanna be my fwiend?
Shelby:  Andew you wanna be my fwiend?
Me:  What's wrong Andrew?
Andrew: Selby! Me not her fwiend!
Shelby:  Elwen you be my fwiend?
Me:  Of course Shelby.

The two people who keep my day interesting.

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