Sunday, October 14, 2012

And, the Blog Award go to....

I was completely surprised and honored to find out that I won my very first blog award yesterday. I love writing and sharing my thoughts and everything in between with all my blogger friends. Since I won the "Liebster Award" I must also pass it along to 11 other bloggers of my choosing. I'm pretty new to the whole blogging world, so there are many blogs out there I read on a daily basis.

And, the Liebster Awards go to....

Akashic Aisles: The Basement View

Embrace your Crazy

What I really meant to say was

Can't keep it in no more

Reenie's Book Blog

Pull my funny bone

Sex Lives of Moms

Tired Mama

Sorry Kid your mom does play well with others

Suburbia Interrupted

Mommy Needs a Break

If you choose to accept this award, you must answer the 11 questions below and post them on your blog.  Please keep in mind, these questions are just for fun, hopefully no one will be offended.  I've also had to answer questions...Questions I had to answer
Let me know once you've done this.. I can't wait to read them.

1.  Have you ever been caught in a lie?

2.  If you had superhuman powers, which power would you  have?

3.  If you significant other gave you a "free pass" - who would be your's?

4.   What is your biggest phobia?

5.  What is the longest you've gone without taking a bath or shower?

6.  What flaw is enough to make you end a relationship?

7.  Do you have any tattoo's?

8.  Have you ever looked in someone's medicine cabinet?

9.  Do you pee in the shower?

10.  How often do you ignore calls on your cell phone?

11.  What's the favorite part of your body?

Congrats to all of you.. I love each and everyone of these blogs!!


  1. You chose some AWESOME blogs and i LOVE your questions--peeing in the shower?! Damn, wish I had thought of that!!! Good job, Ellen!! Congrats again!

  2. This is so sweet of you. Thank you. I'll get on your questions after the weekend. And thanks, again!!

  3. Thanks, I see some blogs I haven't read- I will be busy tonight with my wine and computer !


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