Saturday, May 12, 2012

Pet Peeves

Toilet Paper:
I like the toilet paper to roll over and down, not under.. not sure why but just drives me crazy.  Even if I go to someones house and I use the bathroom and notice that the toilet paper is the wrong way I will correct it for them.

Eating:  Actually I have 3 that fall into this category.
1st one is someone who chews with there mouth open! UGH
2nd when someone takes a bite of food with a fork, spoon, spork and they bite down and scrape it against their teeth. The first time I hear it, I ask them politely to please stop. If they continue I warn them, I'm going to take their utensil and I will poke their eyes out, that usually quiets them down.
3rd when someone is cutting a piece of food on their plate and it makes that horrible scraping noise. Refer to #2 for the consequence.

I'm not sure if this is actually a pet peeve or a fetish.  But I have a habit of looking at everyone's feet I hate feet, they are dirty and disgusting. I have been thinking about this lately, why I have this problem, but I think it's because I hate my feet so much that I have to look at other people's feet to make sure they are as ugly as mine. Whatever makes me feel better I guess.

One sided drunk sex:
I HATE drunk sex!! If I'm drunk that's ok, but not if my boyfriend has been drinking and he gets frisky!
UGH.. nasty.. feels like I'm fighting off a  scruffy, dirty dog! All that panting with nasty alcohol breath. No thanks I'll pass. Boy I sure hope I'm not alone on this one. haha

I'll be more specific.. the "duck face".  From what I've noticed its mostly teenagers who do this. Why make this face? Really? It doesn't make you look pretty or sexy.. so whats the point?

Underwear ass:
The thugs who think they are cool and wear their jeans so low their ass is hanging out! And to top it off they put a belt on, why do you need a belt? Wonder what would happen if he had to run fast. Haha.

Teeth sucking:
When someone is finished eating and they suck the food out of their teeth.. GET SOME FLOSS

Feet draggers:
This is when people are so lazy they just can't bear to pick up their feet while walking.

A Messy Bed:
I love walking into my bedroom or my kids bedroom and seeing a nice clean made bed. If everything else in the room is a disaster the room still looks half way decent because the bed is made.

I'm sure I have more I just can't think of any right now. I have a few beers in me so I'm kind of happy and not in the mood to bitch.

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  1. omg!!! i love the facebook face..hahahaha lmao.. that drives me crazy..lmao... love it..


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