Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Pee Pee in Paradise

I have been told many, many times not to force your toddler into potty training. My daughter is now 8, but when she was being potty trained she was in daycare full time. And my memory is for shit. But I will give them credit, from what I remember they did most of the work.
Now that I'm home with my son he's at the ripe old age of potty training. I still believe in not forcing them, so I don't push the issue. I let it be on his terms.

The reason I chose this subject is because I have a very good friend and her son is the same age as mine. He attends daycare full time. From what my friend tells me, the daycare is forcing him into potty training. I think they are pushing him so bad, he is reverting. Another thing that baffled me, the daycare is teaching the boys to stand up to pee!! Andrew is my only son, but I'm teaching him to pee sitting down.  Why would the daycare teach them standing up? I doubt they have very good aim, some of them have fingers longer than their "business" their finger will probably cover their hole, then you have a pee sprinkler going on!! UGH

I talked to my friend and I told her she needs to go the director of the daycare and lay down the law!
She told them;  You will not force my son to be potty trained, we work on it at home, and I can clearly see he is not fully ready. I will buy pull ups when I'm damn well ready too! And my son will sit down to pee until he's mastered that then he can stand up!  

Those of you with boys out there and have mastered the potty training, I have few questions for you.

1.  Did you teach him to sit down or stand up when starting?
2.  How old was he when he was completely trained?
3.  Are boys harder to teach then girls (on this issue)?

Another thing that freaks me out, when we are working on potty training, he refuses to put on underwear, so I let him be naked. He is very aware of this, and his boy parts. Then he runs to me and says:
"Look Mama, Big Weenie"!!!  EEEK..
What the hell do I do about that? Do I discourage him from his extra curricular activity? Or just let him be?
Like I said I'm new at the boy thing.. any advice of past experience will be appreciated!


  1. Oh my I have got to comment on this one.. I had my boys sit backwards on the toilet... it worked great... since my oldest 1 is now 40, I really don't remember when he was fully potty trained, but the poor thing I think I started training him when he was 1.... now I bet you understand a lot Ellen.....
    And yes the no underwear works great, And yes they play with it all the time

  2. I have to admit.. I never see any after math on the floor.. good job mama!! I may try the backwards tip :)

  3. We taught gage standing up. Actually, he chose that fit himself. And his aim was no worse than the grown men I've had to live with over the years (roommates). But when it was time to drop a deuce, he would strip completely naked, climb up on the toilet with one foot planted on each side, and squat like an Asian monk working in the garden. Hilarious. Thankfully he outgrew that on his own. We just let him do it in whatever way was comfortable for him. Seemed to work out just fine. And u can count on your son playing w his ding-a-ling constantly. To this day both my son and husband always have their hands in their pants when they are watching tv. Just a guy thing I guess.


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