Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Em's Dramatic Morning

It all started last night, Em told me that starting today at school they will be playing baseball or T Ball. She is freaking out. She said that the coach at P.E explained how to play the game but she "forgot".
Ask her to recite Taylor Swift songs and she can do that with out thinking.

Anyway, I was woke up this morning by Em sobbing next to my bed. (mind you this was supposed to be the day I can sleep in and Chris gets her ready)  She was pleading with me for her to either stay home from school or if I can write a note telling her coach she couldn't play T Ball today. Of course I said what hopefully most mom's would say to their 2nd grade child who is perfectly healthy to participate in school sports. "Suck it up".

Now, I'm forced to get out of bed and talk to her about what she's really upset about.
She said she doesn't want people to laugh at her, cause she can't remember where to run after she hits the ball.

6 am and I'm drawing a baseball field diagram on my late notice of the phone bill. Including arrows and little people standing in line waiting for their turn to bat, and people standing at the bases.
She of coursed whined even more saying she won't remember how to do it. So my last resort,
"Let other kids go first and just watch them to see where they go".
The tears finally dried up, so I think I finally got through to her T ball fears.

When she gets off the bus today, my first question will be is: "How was P.E?" And she will probably answer, "Oh we didn't have enough time so I didn't have to bat". Then we will have to go through the same scenario tomorrow morning!

Just so you know, she did this same routine last month when she had to learn how to play basketball.
But then she was afraid to play with the boys. After much talking and pleading for her to stop crying she agreed she would do what she had to do. Ended up she had to play basketball, but not with the boys after all. All was good in Em's world after that.

What's next? Teach her how to play Volleyball? I guess I won't mention that she will probably get clocked on the head with that ball a few times.


  1. Ok, Em came home from school and I asked the question.. she told me she hit the ball pretty far, but she didn't get to 1st base because she wasn't running fast enough. WTH.. they are 8 year olds.. I know her well enough to assume she didn't even run she walked to the base. Oh well.. glad she tried and now she knows it's no big deal.

  2. What may help is if you and the family make each sport a family affair. Do it old school for baseball. Get a soft ball like a beach ball or those balls be played war with, a durable stick or broom handle, put rocks or spray paint the ground white in place of bases and make it a fun game. The kids will have fun. Do that with each sport, she will learn it isn't so bad and the best part is everyone will bond.


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