Tuesday, May 1, 2012


Do all men think that sex is what makes the world go around? Well I know my man does, he's told me that.
I have a friend who is a girl, (just like me) And yes I think of myself as a girl and not a woman, cause it makes me feel young. Anyway, girls who are friends refer to each other as their "girlfriend". I've seen it on Facebook all over the internet "My girlfriends and I are going on a road trip". So there you go and example with the word in a sentence. 
My point, me and one of my "girlfriends" talk on the phone a lot, she used to live in the same city as me but she moved with her family less than a year ago. She's still in Florida., she moved further south. 
She and her kids will come up to Ocala to visit and what not. I consider us close friends, and we have fun together. 
Chris asks me all the time if we are lesbians!!! WTF... why the hell would he think that? He says cause we always talk on the phone and she visits a lot. Well so fucking what. If I had a damn car, I would go visit her. 
So, I just found out today that her boyfriend also makes the lesbian comments to her as well.

Don't get me wrong, I am not homophobic by no means. If you remember in one of my last posts, my best friend who took her own life was a lesbian. So being called a lesbian doesn't really bother me, because I know who I am and who I want to share my bed with. 

What pisses me off, is why does that even enter a man's mind?? 

When Chris makes those stupid little comments, I either just blow him off (not literally) or I'm a smart ass back and say, "Don't be jealous, cause we won't let you watch". 
Then he will say, see I knew you were!!!

It's not just this particular friend either, when I first met Chris by BFF Deb had just passed away 3 months before and I was still mourning. Later in our relationship when I would bring up her name for any reason he would ask me: "Did you and your friend ever do it". And of course I would answer: "What the Fuck.. why would you ask such a stupid question." 
That leads me to believe he just thinks when women get together we turn gay/bi ?  
Is he just that narrow-minded? Or do most men think that way?

Now, I have to bring up, why don't women think that way? Or at least I don't. When men go for a "guys night" or hang out at the bar. When Chris comes home, I don't ask: "So, did you and (so & so) do a little Sword Fighting tonight".


  1. hahahaha "sword fighting"...man reading this makes me miss you more!! :)

  2. Sorry Ellen but your man is an idiot. What would be funny is if you left him for a woman. Now that would be the icing on the cake and I would enjoy every minute of it.

  3. Hahaha ooo lord, Guess I should have saw this coming! I still say they are jealous cause they don't have any real friends!!

  4. Somethings never change with Chris. However, you make a point. Most men do ask the woman in their life if they have "got it on" with their "girlfriends". But I have not once, ever ask the question, so last guys night out did y'all "sword fight". What is with men and their mind set on females "getting it on"??? It is funny at times but frraks me out that he doesn't care if I was unfaithful to him...as long as its with a female...
    I don't understand men...maybe thats why I am still single..there is your next subject...what are single men looking for??

  5. WOW I am shocked to know Chris is that narrow minded !! OMG I have close friends, a very best friend and we chat on the phone, always before hanging up (its just like they are sisters to me) we always say ok talk to you later....luv ya! Doesn't mean we are lesbians ! I say that to my sister! If Bob would ever make those awful comments to me I think I would behead him !! He is mature and secure enough he never made those kind of comments to me. Maybe Chris is insecure, jealous of you and friendships. Guys have buddies, same thing but girls are different. Girls will hug one another, say luv ya girlfriend, take care, etc where guys don't do this. Girls connect more I think than men do with their "buddies". All I have to say is ignore the insecure comments, maybe he wants "attention"????? Its absurd for a grown mature man to make these comments to their partner/spouse ! Thats my 2 cents! PS: luv ya girl !!


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