Sunday, February 24, 2013

Happy kids and a grumpy Daddy!

Excitement in the air Saturday morning knowing we would be hanging out on the beach.  Kids playing, Chris fishing and me enjoying the sunshine.  87 degrees on the beaches of Florida, I love that we live here instead of dealing with all the snow that the states above us are getting. I wouldn't trade it for the world.

We decided to visit a beach that we haven't been to since we visited this area, before we actually moved here.

Car packed, sunglasses on and ready to go.

Chris driving, the booger eaters in the backseat, me sitting shotgun shoes off and reading a book.

I see something in the corner of my eye, I look down and to my right.

(Blood curdling scream)

"Holy Shit!"  I look over to Chris and he's on alert looking around to see what  made me scream like I was being murdered.

"A fucking lizard just ran across my leg!"  I scream.

"Are you kidding me, you're screaming from a lizard, I could have killed us, you scared the shit out of me!" Chris yelled back.

"It crawled on me, hell yes I screamed!"  I pull my feet up like they were on fire.
"Shit, it's sitting on my shoe down there, pull over, pull over and get it out of here!"  I plead.
I quickly made a mad dash over the seat and sat my ass right on my daughter.  There is no way I'm sitting up there knowing it could change his mind and jump off my shoe and latch onto my throat.


Chris pulls over and comes to my side of the car, I knew he wasn't going to be able to get the creature out, they are fast. Yep, as soon as Chris put his hand near it, it ran up and under the dashy thing.

I felt a little better knowing I can't see it, so jump back to the front seat and keep my feet tucked under me for protection.

I started to giggle just thinking of what Chris looked like when I screamed. He didn't think it was too funny!

We arrive at the beach and I set up our crap at the nearest picnic table and Chris goes off to his desired fishing spot.  I watch the kids play, and I relax.

Andrew was getting mad because he wasn't catching any fish.
(There wasn't a hook on his line, I didn't tell him tho.)
"Just keep trying Buddy."

Emilie.. not sure what she was doing.

You know it's funny how we always go to the beach and the kids bitch, moan and complain about anything.  Not this time though.. it was Chris who came back from his fishing spot moping!

Me:    "What's wrong with you?" 
Chris:  "This place is fucking stupid!"
Me:     "Did you catch anything?"
Chris:   "Nope, it's too damn windy here!"
Me:      "What do you mean, you can't catch fish when it's windy? Fish don't like to eat when it's windy?"
Chris:    "It's just stupid!"

We decide to go over the bridge and see what's over there.

Chris pulls out his equipment (fishing equipment) and me and kids find a playground.  10 minutes later, who do I see walking back to the car with a puss on his face?  Yep, Chris.. too windy here too I guess!

I yell at him to suck it up and come hang out with us!  We take a walk on the beachy area to look for shells.

Patrick Star!

No Mama I don't have to go potty!

All in all I thought it was a good day.. Kids had fun.  Even though Chris was in a pissy ass mood for the rest of the day.  Luckily I'm a mom and I am quite capable of ignoring such behavior!

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  1. He should have used lizard for bait.

  2. I thought Florida was just one giant reef made up of old lizard skeletons. Why should their presence there surprise you? ;)

    Seriously, very few are carnivorious, instead prefering bugs. Works for me.


    1. The only thing I really like about Florida is the sunshine. If the bugs, lizards and alligators would go away, it would be paradise for me. I've lived here my whole life, and I will never get used to them. HATE THEM!!! I know they won't actually bite me, they are just nasty looking.

  3. Ahh! The lizard would have freaked me out, too!
    Looks like a fun day!

  4. OMG you don't have a choice. If a lizard runs across your leg, it's automatic. Like your pictures.

  5. I probably would have screamed too. I'm a big weanie.

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    Jackie (The Non-Martha Momma)

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  7. Love all these beach pictures.. make me want to run off to a beach as soon as I can! And the irony is that today we are having a snow storm and everyone is stuck inside.. And I got a chance to read your post and momentarily forgot the bad weather we are facing today.. Thanks for sharing your trip here.

    1. okay, Just want to sign my name here which I forgot to do in my comment: Vinma Joseph :)


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