Saturday, July 14, 2012

Not my normal Saturday

Normally, on Saturday's I spend my day outside doing yard work.  But, today is different, because Chris had to work today.  You ask, why I can't do yard work when Chris isn't home?  Well, the answer is... Hell if i know!!!
So this Saturday, is basically being spent like any normal week day.
Breakfast for my monsters, Em and I did a mini workout, load of laundry, nap with Andrew and watched an episode of Peppa Pig.  I'm dying to read a book that I just downloaded on my Iphone, but the piece of shit broke yesterday.  Luckily my 8 year old daughter has an itouch, so I can watch it on there.. But not today, she is busy sitting in front of the t.v videoing all the shows she likes to watch on her itouch! She said she wanted to do this so she can watch t.v in the bathroom.  Sometimes I think she has a man's soul.

Andrew is obsessed with an old bike that his Pa-Pa gave him.  He is sitting outside turning the wheels and staring at it.  He's waiting for Daddy to get home to put on the training wheels so he can "ride faster than Sissy."

I'm also outside watching him talk non-stop about how his new (used) bike has 2 handles.  Right now, for me to get online I have to sit on the porch and pick up our neighbors' wi-fi signal.  It's hot as hell out here and the mosquitoes are eating me alive.
But I sit here writing and listen to Andrew count the parts on his "big man bike."

Although, in about two-weeks one of my close friends will be moving in with me and my family.  It's no surprise that my family plus many, many other including my close friend are having money issues.

My close friend Amy and I were roommates years ago and it was quite fun, although it was before I had children.. Doubt we will have any drunken nights these days.

But the point is, when Amy moves in we will have internet again!!! I won't have to sit outside and "borrow" a signal.  I will not take for granted sitting on a couch, chair or my bed in the a/c reading about other's on Facebook.  Can you tell how freaking excited I am?  I really am!!!!!!

Also, due to the economy we are losing our health insurance so I'm weaning myself off of what my son call "nice mommy pill."  Because of that, I don't have as much energy as I normally do.  Maybe that's why I don't feel like doing yard work today?
Anyway, enough of my ramblings... it's hot out here.  I'm going inside to cool off.

Thanks for reading!


  1. Another good easy reading .....

  2. Let me add to the list, after Chris got home from work I hauled the kids to what we call "Wal-Fart" to get some groceries. I was able to get about a 3 days worth of food for under $40! No coupons used.. and nothing really healthy either. But very proud I came home with change in my pocket. :)

  3. I'm going to message you on FB.

  4. Welcome Roe! Love Jenns blog too :)

  5. Yes there will be drinks maybe no one knocking on doors that do not belong to their house, it will be a fun and very interesting days to come. I am so thankful that you have planned to help me paint...what a great friend!! LOL!! Luv ya mean it xoxo


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