Thursday, May 24, 2012

Why isn’t Everything ever Enough?

I am not an expert by any means on marriage or relationships.
I am in a relationship with my children’s father we have been together almost 11 years.  I’ve said no to marriage for now, it just seems like a huge commitment at my age of 38... And I just don’t feel ready.

It’s no secret in my life that we are poor as shit right now.  And we do what we have to do to get by and pay the bills.

Chris my “man” sold his Xbox last week for $200 so we can pay the electric bill. At least that’s why I thought he sold it. However, he had in his head he was going to take the money and buy a used PlayStation 3
Little back story for a moment, Chris had a top of the line PS3 about a year and a half ago, and he decided he was going to sell it and get the Xbox that he just had to have.  After visiting a friend a couple weekends ago, her boyfriend has the PS3 and he realized he missed it. So that’s where the story begins.

Of course, he made the right decision and he paid the electric bill with our newfound money.

Last night he was moping around the house, wouldn’t eat dinner, wouldn’t talk.  He just laid there in his recliner. So after trying to find out what was wrong & why he was so upset, he yelled at me.  Ok, guess he doesn’t want to talk, that’s ok I let him be.

He is constantly saying how “depressed” he is, and I ask him to tell me what he is so upset about. So he starts listing things:
1.  I have no PS3
2.  We have no extra money
3.  I don’t get sex enough
4.  We only have one car

So I say to him we haven’t had an extra car in about a year, and it’s my problem, he has a car.  I’m the one stuck out here in the boonies with no car.
Next, we haven’t had extra money since Andrew was born, damn kids are expensive.
Sex, damn we had it 3 times last week!! No we can’t have it this week, but shit let me cramp in peace!
So that leaves the PS3.. And I know that’s all he’s really upset about.
He does work really hard during the week, so on the weekends, while I’m running around getting all the work done in the house. I let him sit there and stew in his recliner.  And I’m happy to do, I never bug him about working around the house. Unless its something I can’t move or I find a big bug.

So after his little poor me depressing list of what I don’t have I say to him:
Lets list what you do have!

1.  A girlfriend who takes care of everything around the house
2.  Two amazing children that love you dearly
3.  A house to live in
4.  The bills do get paid, late but paid
5.  You get sex enough when you don’t bitch about not getting it
6.  A job
7.  Last but not least, I don’t nag you!

What the hell else do you want? A PS3!!!

My question is, are all men this materialistic? Or just mine?

I would love the best of everything, but these are hard times for everyone!
I’m completely happy with my family, that they are safe, sound and healthy that is my everything!

Why can’t men be happy with that as well?

Do they base their happiness on what they own?

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  1. Unfortunately not only MEN r that way but people in general r that way...Never satisfied ... So Ellen u r fortunate to have learned be content in whatever situation ..


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